South Park: Everything to know about the Scientology controversy that changed the sitcom forever

When Comedy Meets Controversy: The Episode that Redefined South Park (Image via Comedy Central)
When Comedy Meets Controversy: The Episode that Redefined South Park (Image via Comedy Central)

South Park, an iconic animated series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, has been a staple of popular culture since its inception. Known for its audacious humor and unabashed criticisms of societal conventions, celebrities, and even entire religions, the show has always walked a razor-thin line between comedy and controversy.

Throughout its illustrious run, the series has tackled numerous hot-button topics, with each episode sparking conversations, laughter, and, often, public backlash. But amidst all the uproar, one might wonder whether there was any episode that shook the very foundation of South Park.

Was there a particular storyline that attracted widespread attention and prompted tangible, real-world consequences for its creators and the production team?

The answer lies in the infamous Scientology episode, Trapped in the Closet. This particular episode didn't just poke fun – it catapulted the show into a maelstrom of debates, alleged investigations, and behind-the-scenes drama.

Disclaimer: Major spoilers ahead.

Trapped in the Closet: A South Park episode like no other

While Parker and Stone have never shied away from satirizing sensitive topics, Trapped in the Closet took a deep dive into the doctrines of the Church of Scientology. It humorously hinted at the speculated sexuality of its famed member, Tom Cruise.

This overt lampooning set off a cascade of reactions. Isaac Hayes, the voice behind the series' character, Chef, and a member of the Church of Scientology, promptly exited the show. Rumors swirled that Cruise used his influence to halt a rerun airing, leveraging his role in Mission: Impossible III.

Usually unapologetically bold, the creators seemed to sense the incoming storm with this episode—their anticipation of a potential backlash manifested in a unique decision to alter the show's end credits. Instead of the usual roster of names acknowledging the contributions of its team, the credits for this episode curiously read Jane and John Smith.


April Stewart, the voice behind several characters in South Park, elaborated on this change during an MCM Comic Con London interview in 2018. The credits, she pointed out, were deliberately generic to possibly shield the production team from impending legal actions from the Church.

The episode's conclusion, with the character Stan Marsh provocatively challenging, "Go ahead, sue me! I dare you!" was a humorous yet telling indicator of the creators' mindset.

Scientology's alleged retaliation

The Church's response to this episode wasn't limited to public criticisms or media debates. An internal memo, leaked by former high-ranking Scientologist Marty Rathbun, unveiled an alleged extensive investigation against the creators initiated by the Office of Special Affairs.

This covert probe, aimed to unearth the vulnerabilities of Parker and Stone, reportedly extended to their close associates and even involved actions such as sifting through trash and acquiring personal phone records.

Attempting to gather direct intelligence, there was also an alleged attempt to infiltrate the South Park team. A film student was purportedly approached to act as a mole, seeking information directly from within the production studios.

Detailed notes on mundane aspects of Parker and Stone's lives, such as their lunch catering service and car details, highlighted the depth of the surveillance.

Though the Church has denied sanctioning any of the claimed actions, the documented details remain alarming. After departing from the Church's fold, Rathbun has faced alleged harassment, indicative of the high stakes and pressures involved.

The Trapped in the Closet episode serves as a watershed moment in the legacy of South Park. Beyond its humorous veneer, the episode and its repercussions underscore the delicate balance between creative freedom and societal boundaries.

While Parker and Stone continue to craft episodes that challenge norms and provoke thought, this episode stands as a testament to popular media's profound influence – and potential repercussions.

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