Who is Lee Yoo Mi? All you need to know about the Squid Game star

People can't stop raving about Netflix's latest offering, Squid Game, and actor Lee Yoo Mi.(Image via Instagram/@leeyoum262)
People can't stop raving about Netflix's latest offering, Squid Game, and actor Lee Yoo Mi.(Image via Instagram/@leeyoum262)

Netflix's latest show Squid Game, and actor Lee Yoo Mi have taken the world by storm. Unseating Season 3 of Sex Education, the dystopian survival show has occupied the number one spot on Netflix in the USA.

we’re not talking about lee yoo mi from squid game enough

The show, which promises to become Netflix's most popular Korean series ever, currently has the internet gushing about it, with more than 200,000 tweets analyzing every actor and every episode.

Squid Game follows the Japanese battle royale format, with 456 people, desperate for money, fighting it out for the top prize of ₩45.6 billion. The games, which are based on traditional Korean children's games, are taken a notch further with participants competing to the death.

Meet Squid Game's Lee Yoo Mi

Lee Yoo Mi, born in 1994, made her acting debut in 2009 with the show The Yellow Sea. Having already acted in over 12 movies and 14 dramas, the young star is no newbie.

Lee Yoo Mi even co-starred with everyone's favorite Potato Boy, Chae Jong Hyup, in a web drama.

Lee Yoo Mi plays the role of Ji Young in this dark, high-stakes show. Ji Young, a young woman, is forced to enter the game after getting out of jail for killing her abusive father.

Ji Young gets close to Kang Sae Byeok, played by Junh Ho Yeon, and the internet can't stop discussing their fiery chemistry. Fans have lauded the acting skills of the pair, with some making fancams for the two.

what a lie - kang sae byeok & ji young fancam

Despite Lee Yoo Mi's dark character, it is her face that has garnered a lot of attention.

Fans of the fresh-faced star have commented on her resemblance to South Korean actress and K-pop star Sulli, who passed away in October 2019. The resemblance is uncanny for several fans who could not unsee Sulli in Lee Yoo Mi's character.

Sulli, who had released a solo album titled "Goblin," was known for being outspoken and candid in an industry that rewards conformity. And Lee Yoo Mi's character, who has similar tendencies, resembled the late singer according to several fans.

Lee Yoo Mi from Squid Game reminds me of Sulli 🥺 I miss her so much :(
After watching squid game, you definitely cried out not just because of the scenes, but how much Ji-yeong (Lee Yoo Mi) resembles of late sulli. Lee Yoo Min. Sulli👼CTTRO
Can we talk about how identical lee yoo mi and sulli is 😔

Lee Yoo Mi's Instagram blow-up

With fans binge-watching Squid Game within a day, the Instagram accounts of all the actors on the show have seen a momentous rise in following. Topping the list, though, is Lee Yoo Mi.

The actor recently gained over five times the number of followers she initially had, all within three days. A day after the release of the show, Lee Yoo Mi had around 40,000 followers, but after the viewership of the show grew exponentially, so did Lee Yoo Mi's Instagram following. As of September 22, she has over 320K followers, and the numbers are only going up.

With the enormous success of Squid Game, Lee Yoo Mi appears destined for greater and better things. Fans of the actor can watch her 2020 release 365: Repeat the Year, a strange tale of the unknown and the uncanny.

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