Stevie J interview video goes viral, sparks severe backlash online

Stevie J's recent interview sparks controversy and backlash (Image via Leon Bennett/Getty Images)
Stevie J's recent interview sparks controversy and backlash (Image via Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Grammy-winning record producer Steven Aaron Jordan, aka Stevie J, was recently involved in a controversial interview that garnered a lot of flak online. While promoting his TV special-series Uncensored on Leah A. Henry's Lemonade Stand, the TV personality and DJ misbehaved.

Jordan attended the interview over a video call from his bed while he was visibly undressed. While most of his body was off-screen due to the video's aspect ratio, Jordan proceeded to indulge in a lewd act while answering Henry's questions.


Jordan appeared to be involved in an intimate act off-screen while on the video call. It seemed like an unidentified woman was performing a private adult act on him.

Stevie J's unusual interview quickly devolved

All these journalism majors (sarcasm) telling me how to conduct interviews鈥 went to one of the top journalism schools in the country. I know how to conduct a professional interview. I鈥檒l address this #stevieJ interview on my podcast because some y鈥檃ll make me sick 馃檮

During the interview, the record producer could be heard making an inappropriate request to the unidentified woman in his room. The unidentified woman clarified with the 50-year-old about his request amidst a video-call interview with Leah A. Henry. The DJ replied affirmatively and insinuated that he was aware of the context and expected a follow-through on his request.

Stevie J held the phone at different angles throughout the interview, which presented an unprofessional image of him showcasing his body. The camera navigator seemingly brushed off Henry's request to place the camera at an optimal angle. During the interview, Henry noted that the camera movement was causing a distraction.

Stills from the interview with Stevie J (Image via Leah A. Henry/YouTube)
Stills from the interview with Stevie J (Image via Leah A. Henry/YouTube)

In one instance, the camera angle was low, and a woman's hand was visible. In the video, Jordan also made inappropriate noises on multiple occasions while answering Henry's questions. The Growing Up Hip Hop star seemed to be enjoying his off-camera interaction.

The interview stirred up a lot of controversies

After the video was uploaded to YouTube by Leah A. Henry on March 12, clips went viral online. While most reactions online deemed Jordan's behavior "inappropriate," many outright called it perverted.

What Stevie J did during that interview was weird, cringy, and lowkey sexual harassment. And it just further shows his lack of respect for women b/c if the interviewer was a man, he def wouldn鈥檛 have done that
Stevie J didn鈥檛 have enough respect to give that girl a decent interview wtf
@leahahenry Why did you go on with the interview? There was nothing professional about your guest 馃ゴ
@leahahenry First of all, he had no clothes on. Interview should鈥檝e been stopped at this point. I don鈥檛 know what type of broadcast school you attended.
@domoniqueNYC Yeah I can鈥檛 even鈥 that was so wrong and disrespectful.
@domoniqueNYC And he hung up on her. She should鈥檝e kicked him off the live when he called her a sl*t
Stevie j really violated that Girl tryna interview him . You can鈥檛 tell me that wasn鈥檛 perverted.
Stevie J should be ashamed of himself for that creep shit during an interview but as long as women continue not to check men on their mess they are gonna continue to think its ok. 馃あ
A lot of people aren鈥檛 cute enough to be horny 24/7 & Stevie J is one of those people.
Stevie J really out of pocket. Leah Henry did not deserve that disrespect and during women鈥檚 history month

Meanwhile, numerous tweets sympathized with Leah A. Henry for facing such an awkward situation. However, a few people seem to have targeted Henry for continuing the interview despite Jordan being unprofessionally undressed.

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