"Stop lying about me": Ethan Klein slams Trisha Paytas as she accuses him of sending a "hate mob" after her

Ethan Klein responds to Trisha Paytas' latest video (Image via Sportskeeda and YouTube)
Ethan Klein responds to Trisha Paytas' latest video (Image via Sportskeeda and YouTube)
Karishma Rao

Controversial YouTube figure Trisha Paytas has been in a public feud with Ethan Klein from H3H3 Productions. The latest scandal involving Paytas revolves around her allegedly lying about being molested by a school teacher.

The mukbang YouTuber addressed the matter on the now-ended Frenemies podcast, but the episode was taken down by Klein when he felt that Paytas' story was factually incorrect.

Trisha Paytas has since then been defending herself online. She has been relentlessly calling out the H3 Podcast Reddit page for endlessly scrutinizing her and calling her vile names.

Trisha Paytas escalates beef with Ethan Klein

The 33-year-old took to YouTube to address her feud with Klein. She discussed the aftermath of speaking about her alleged harassment experience. She also gave out details about the family of the now-deceased school teacher being doxed online. Paytas slammed the subreddit for being the cause of the ongoing turmoil.


Just as Trisha Paytas released the video online, Ethan Klein took to Twitter, claiming that the school teacher's family is being doxed because Paytas mentioned his name and encouraged the internet to dig into him.

If she Trisha wants me to stop talking about her then she needs to stop lying about me. Her teacher is being doxxed for one reason only: SHE MENTIONED HIM BY NAME, SCHOOL AND YEAR, AND TOLD PEOPLE TO LOOK HIM UP. She needs to take responsibility and stop blaming me for her shit.

He followed up the tweet by denying sending a “hate mob” against Paytas and her fiancé Moses Hacmon, who is embroiled in his own scandal of allegedly cheating on Trisha Paytas.

Trisha has accused me of sending a hate mob after her… that’s literally all she’s tried to do since the first day frenemies ended. I have not even mentioned their allegations once on the podcast. She is lying and saying it’s our fault, we have NOTHING to do with this “hate mob”.

As Trisha Paytas continues to blame the Reddit page, Insider reports that “Trisha” is the second most used keyword on the Reddit page, followed by “Frenemies,” a podcast show hosted by both personalities.

Trisha Paytas endlessly begged Ethan Klein on Twitter via her now-infamous Twitter video to censor posts about her on the Reddit page. Although Klein has not publicly admitted to being a moderator, Insider suggests that he and his wife are two of the subreddit's six moderators.

Trisha Paytas’ Twitter account has remained private since her September 13 video rant, which shocked the internet.

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