'Succession' Season 3 Episode 2 review: Will the Roy siblings come together to take down their father? (Spoilers)

Still from HBO's Succession Season 3 'The Roy kids' (Image via HBO)
Still from HBO's Succession Season 3 'The Roy kids' (Image via HBO)

HBO's Succession dropped its much-awaited Episode 2 of the latest season. Viewers were looking forward to the episode as the end of last week's episode had a plot twist making it a perfect cliffhanger.

Episode 2 of Succession is written by series creator Jesse Armstrong and directed by Emmy winner Mark Mylod. It is focused on the Roy family's drama. Kendall may have beaten Logan in the battle for Lisa Arthur last week, but this week's episode has him begging his siblings to join forces.

'Succession' Season 3 Episode 2: Recap and review


Succession's Season 3 Episode 2, Mass In Time Of War, picks off the last episode with the family spread out across different continents. Gerri becomes the interim CEO and Shiv drives to Kendall's place. Logan orders his top teams to monitor his kids' movements, specifically Shiv and Roman. Viewers will also see the return of Marcia, who agreed to make a public appearance with Logan if the terms set by her are fulfilled.

In New York, Roman and Shiv go to Kendall's, separately, unaware of the other being there. This is where Kendall thinks he can make a pitch, inviting Connor in as well.

He explains his master plan to his siblings, hoping to convince them. But because their father's fear was instilled in the Roy kids, they ended up betraying Kendall in the end.

Still from HBO's Succession Season 3 'A gift from Logan' (Image via HBO)
Still from HBO's Succession Season 3 'A gift from Logan' (Image via HBO)

Behind all these rationales is the fear that Logan is embedded in the kids as an influential person who cares very little for his children. All it takes to remind them as much is a box of donuts, which makes them question if it's poison and whether they're safe at this secret meeting.

Kendall somehow manages to convince his rivals, Stewy and Sandy, in the proxy battle to take his side as he takes down his dad. This time he has the resources and exposes his dirty work completely.

With Marcia by his side in this episode of Succession, Logan seems serene. This was even before Roman called to assure him that Shiv was on his side and only went to Kendall's to talk him down.

This gives Logan a push for confidence and he ends up returning to the US. Here he plans the perfect family reunion with his kids, except Kendall, of course. Hugging his and air-punching after landing, Logan is upset that Shiv didn't follow through. He shares his intentions to get her into the company as the president before the highly-anticipated shareholders' meeting.

At last, Captain Cuddles and Pinky are together again, even after a rough day in the world of Succession.


This episode of Succession managed to stand out not just because of its fun premise but also due to Kendall's use of certain words like "epiphenomenal." He takes it one step further by using phrases like "let’s clean-slate this" and "detoxify our brand and we can go supersonic." It feels like a leftover installment of last week's episode, which is fair as the cliffhanger of Episode 1 needed an explanation.

The Roys are traveling again in Succession, but not too exotic places or fancy events. They're in full crisis mode. Kendall is huddling with the Roy siblings to pitch his plans, only to betray him. But what they didn't realize was that Kendall is persuasive and could work to save Waystar. Viewers will see Logan struggling as he tries to keep track of his children and estranged wife Marcia.

Still from HBO's Succession Season 3 starring Brian Cox and Hiam Abbass (Image via HBO)
Still from HBO's Succession Season 3 starring Brian Cox and Hiam Abbass (Image via HBO)

What makes this season of Succession even more interesting is that between all this chaos and Kendall's constant need to bring his father down, he forgets about the 'dirt' Logan has on him. Towards the end of the episode, Marcia reminds Logan of this fact. So, if Logan starts losing, this would be his only option to shut Kendall down.

Succession Season 3 is now streaming on HBO, with new episodes every Monday.

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