Survivor season 42: What is the Beware Advantage and how to get it?

Survivor is back with season 42, premiering on March 9, 2022 (Image via survivorcbs/Instagram)
Survivor is back with season 42, premiering on March 9, 2022 (Image via survivorcbs/Instagram)

CBS' Survivor is back with its 42nd season. The long-running series hosted by Jeff Probst brings 18 new cast members to the islands of Fiji who compete for the $1 million prize and the title of the sole Survivor.

Like the show's 41st season, the new installment of Survivor brings exciting new avenues for the castaways to explore, with a return of Beware Advantages and twists. The show's synopsis for this season reads,

"The mental and physical challenges force players to choose between personal risk and reward, while still navigating the complex social game and attempting to forge alliances to last another day."

Survivor's Beware Advantage and what does it mean for the one who gets it

It was in season 41 that the Beware Advantage was introduced on Survivor, becoming one of the most complex game twists ever on the show. During the premiere episode of that season, host Jeff Probst hid the advantage at one of the camps before the players arrived.

This advantage gives the player that finds it a chance at an Immunity Idol. The catch here is that one player from each of the other three tribes should also be able to find the totem, for the idol's powers to take effect.

The three players have to use a certain assigned phrase in the immunity challenge to signal that the advantage has been found. If a member finds it and decides to open the same before the other tribes, they lose the vote until all the advantages are opened and idols are activated by the phrases being said.

For example, in season 41, player Xander Hastings found the Yase Tribe's Beware Advantage, decided to open it and learn of the stipulations involved. In order to signal that he had found it, Xander had to say this specific phrase at the immunity challenge,

"I truly believe that butterflies are dead relatives saying hi"

Unfortunately, the other phrases were not used in the challenge, as the other tribes' Beware Advantages remained undetected. As a result, Xader lost his vote until the idols were activated, and could not use the extra vote that he had gained from his Risk or Protect choice or Shot in the Dark opportunity.

The castaways will be divided into three tribes of six in season 42 of Survivor and will compete for food, rewards, and supplies through mental and physical challenges.

Some of the cast members are Rocksroy Bailey, Maryanne Oketch, Omar Zaheer, and Drea Wheeler, among others. Survivor premieres on March 9, 2022 at 8.00 pm ET on CBS.

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