Survivor Season 42: Meet 18 castaways

Season 42 of Survivor will air on March 9 on CBS (Image via survivorcbs/Instagram)
Season 42 of Survivor will air on March 9 on CBS (Image via survivorcbs/Instagram)

The Emmy Award-winning series Survivor is returning for its 42nd season on CBS.

The 18 castaways will compete on the beautiful islands of Fiji to be crowned the "Sole Survivor" and win a whopping $1 million prize. The two-hour season will premiere on Wednesday, March 9.

Like Season 41, all the new contestants on the reality show come from diverse backgrounds and different walks of life. These castaways will be divided into three tribes, namely Ika, Taku, and Vati, to be ultimately declared the show's winner.

Names of 18 'Survivor' contestants

As per CBS, the new season of Survivor will be "one of the most intense versions" of the entire series. With the motto of "Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast," every member will play a different game and face new challenges thrown their way. Every tribe will have six members.

Tribe Ika

1) Rocksroy Bailey

The 44-year-old stay-at-home dad loves playing with his kids. He likes to play basketball, golf, and goes camping whenever possible.

Coming from an immigrant family, he is the first to complete his college graduation. The Jamaican environmental scientist adores his mother.

2) Tori Meehan

The middle child out of five kids, Tori loves to play board games, card games, spend time with family, and is a CrossFit fan. The Christ-follower has also competed in pageants to support her higher studies.

She can't stand people who are not mature enough. With a background in psychology, Tori is ready for tough challenges and to be called the Sole Survivor on the show.

3) Romeo Escobar

The "Latino" and "gay" pageant coach loves proving people "wrong" and "hates losing or being wrong." Be it a professional career or personal goals, he has fulfilled all his dreams with his wit and determination.

And with this quality, he hopes to win every challenge that his thrown his way on Survivor.

4) Swati Goel

One of the pet peeves of the youngest contestant who idolizes Elon Musk is people who don't work wholeheartedly to fulfill their big goals in life. She also can't stand people who emotionally manipulate others for their personal benefits.

The free bird, Swati does not like it when someone tries to dictate her life. She has enlisted herself in the Army National Guard, something she is very proud of.

5) Zach Wurtenberger

A Washington University student and the winner of the Tournament of Champions, Zach loves social strategy games and running.

The former pizza delivery executive hates it when people don't tip the person well for their service. He loves writing sketch comedies and is a go-getter.

6) Drea Wheeler

According to her official biography, the All-American track runner has a "fear of death." However, instead of being crippled, her fear gave Drea "the perspective to live every day to the fullest."

For Wheeler, her mom is her biggest hero as she took various jobs to support her and her sister's education.

Tribe Taku

7) Jonathan Young

According to his official biography on CBS, Young "broke the Guinness World Record for most pull-ups with 100 lbs" on his "back."

He hopes to win the Survivor challenges with his athletic personality along with strong will and determination. He hails Lex Luger as his hero.

8) Maryanne Oketch

The good listener hates it when people don't apologize for their mistakes. The Kenya girl was born poor but is thankful to her mother for working hard and bringing the family out of poverty.

Maryanne loves playing tabletop/video games, snowboarding, and reading.

9) Omar Zaheer

The Muslim contestant doesn't like it when someone talks ill about pigeons or how costly veterinarians are.

The "exotic animal specialist" is proud that despite living in a modern world where alcohol, premarital s*x, and eating pork is normal, he has not lost his cultural values and has stayed away from such living styles.

10) Lindsay Dolashewich

Dolashewich loves talking and hates wasting time. She can't sit idle for long. The dietician and business owner has played football in the tackle position and feels proud of this accomplishment.

She idolizes her younger sister, who "works in environmental law" to make the world a better place to live.

11) Jackson Fox

The 48-years-old "used to be a girl." He is an animal lover and collects injured animals to look after them.

In his free time, he loves solving puzzles and being a dog walker. Fox adores his late mother and hopes to be a good human being like her.

12) Marya Patrice Sherron

The 47-year-old proud mom loves writing, gardening, and pilates. Her biggest pet peeve is when people sneeze without covering their nose, and she hates people who are mean to others.

Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, Marya lives with her family in Noblesville, Indiana. She is all set to use her "emotional intelligence" to win votes and secure her place in the history of the game show.

Tribe Vati

13) Chanelle Howell

The executive recruiter loves traveling, trying new cuisines, and blogging about new places.

The 29-year-old, who is good at numbers, is forever thankful to her parents for working hard to set her and her siblings up for a successful and good life.

14) Daniel Strunk

The law clerk loves playing Legos during his pleasurable time. The cancer survivor hails George Washington as his hero.

Daniel even loves watching movies and dislikes those who create a ruckus in movie theaters.

15) Jenny Kim

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the 43-year-old designer is also a "certified pilates instructor." Jenny loves traveling and exploring new places alone or with her family.

She idolizes her husband, who never allowed her to compromise in life, instead motivating her to fulfill all her dreams and inspiration.

16) Hai Giang

The 29-year-old data scientist from New Orleans dislikes those who judge other people for their lifestyle and life choices. He is the first person in his family to graduate from college.

Growing up in poverty and working hard for a comfortable lifestyle have made Hai resilient, a quality he thinks will work to his advantage on the show.

17) Lydia Meredith

The waitress, 22, from Santa Monica, loves going to music concerts with her friends. Lydia is scared of vacuum cleaners but is proud that she went to Disneyland and rode Fun Wheel of Mickey to overcome her fear of Ferris wheels.

18) Mike Turner

The oldest contestant, 58, is a retired firefighter who is proud to raise his kids and loves to work out and watch some great movies. Mike might look tough, but he is a very sensitive and caring person.

Executively produced by Matt VanWagenen, Mark Burnett, Jesse Jensen, and Kahaia Pearson, Season 42 of Survivor will be hosted by Jeff Probst.

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