When will Fix My Flip air? Release date, plot, and more about HGTV series

Fix My Flip to air on HGTV on March 10 (Image via Instagram/pageturnerunlimited)
Fix My Flip to air on HGTV on March 10 (Image via Instagram/pageturnerunlimited)

HGTV is back with Fix My Flip with their beloved Page Turner to help troubled California homeowners with their flips. The Principal Broker will lend her helping hand to all those who are struggling financially after their flip.

On the show, she will help these house flippers turn their failed fixes into profitable ones. The show will premiere next week on the television network.

The press release of the show reads:

“Page taps into her deep expertise and invests her own money to help the floundering flippers fix everything from blown budgets and mismanaged schedules to uninspired upgrades and lackluster design. Empowered by her impressive track record, Page steps in to fix flips so that everyone can make a big profit.”

Release date, plot, and more about Fix My Flip

Fix My Flip will debut on March 10 on Thursday at 9 pm ET/PT on HGTV. As mentioned earlier, the show deals with homeowners, their terrible flips, and how real estate broker Page Turner fixes these flips into something better.

Turner has lent her expertise to many homeowners and has successfully flipped 110 properties to date. She is a master of her art and knows what goes into making the house flip stand out.

In the season opener, Turner is going to help the mother-daughter duo in Lake Arrowhead, California, transform their unprofitable first flip before the winter approaches.

Turner, who has been in real estate for over two decades and has sold millions in this field, will not only give her valuable inputs but also invest her "money" to show the flippers how they can undo their mistakes and make a huge profit out of it.

Reportedly, Francesca Grace and Mitch Glew will co-star with Turner on Fix My Flip. The first episode, Two Bros With Tujunga Woes, and the remaining five episodes will cover areas including Santa Clarita, Arrowhead, Koreatown, Pasadena, and Eagle Rock.

Directed by Terence Michael, the final episode of the show will air on April 7. The show can be viewed on the streaming service Discovery+.

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