5 Emmy-worthy performances of 2021

Elizabeth Olsen in Wanda Vision (Image via Desney+)
Elizabeth Olsen in Wanda Vision (Image via Desney+)

It is great to see good acting on screen. Great acting makes a TV series great. This year saw a lot of potential in the field of television. With so many new shows, it is difficult to decide the stand-out performances. The highest honour for a TV actor is winning an Emmy, and 2021 saw a lot of talents that deserve this recognition.

Here is a list of actors that deserve an Emmy award for their roles in the respective shows.

Performances in 2021 that deserve the Emmy award

1) Christina Hendricks

It is perhaps not the first time someone has said Christina Hendricks deserves an Emmy. Her role in Mad Men was constantly praised as fans screamed out for her to get an Emmy award.

This year saw her put in another stunning performance in Good Girls, whose fourth season aired in 2021. Her portrayal of Beth Boland has earned praise from critics and viewers alike and surely deserves an Emmy award.

2) Ewan McGregor

The prolific actor is no stranger to nominations and awards. With a brilliant film and TV career, Ewan McGregor's three Emmy nominations are proof of his acting skills. This year he was back on screen with Netflix's Halston. The show follows the titular character Halston's journey into the fashion world.

Given his record and the topic that is a favourite of critics in general, Ewan McGregor may be in line for yet another award.

3) Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen has stood out this year with her portrayal of Wanda Maximoff, Marvel's superhero with a torn moral. She has portrayed this role before in many Marvel films, but this was her most emotionally draining role of Wanda to date.

The show has generated enough buzz around it, and though it seems unlikely she will get an Emmy, she surely deserves it.

4) Anthony Anderson

Fans have been screaming out for an Emmy for a member of the Johnson family. Anthony Anderson's portrayal of Dre is the most acclaimed of those roles. Black-ish had a great season with its seventh season.

The show will return next year, and if not this time, 2022 will be the last chance for a member of the Johnson family to win an Emmy.

5) Rosie Perez

Rosie Perez has been nominated for three Emmys to date, but for her work in choreography. She has finally broken out in the field of acting this year with HBO Max's The Flight Attendant, one of the most compelling shows on air.

Rosie Perez deserves all the respect and recognition for her role and possibly an Emmy.

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