"Tammy gets on my nerves": 1000-lb Sisters fans react to Tammy Slaton's reluctant attitude

Tammy Slaton's attitude on the show has rubbed many the wrong way (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tammy Slaton's attitude on the show has rubbed many the wrong way (Image via Sportskeeda)
Muskan Sharma

Tammy Slaton from the reality TV show 1000-lb Sisters Season 3 has received immense criticism for her unwillingness to lose weight. Monday's episode has left fans disappointed with her attitude.

After losing an impressive 60 pounds in a rehab center, she sadly gave up on a healthy lifestyle and gained more weight again. Meanwhile, Tammy's elder sibling, Amy, has shed much weight and is trying to conceive her second baby.

The uncanny comparison between the two sisters has stirred fans into criticizing the younger sibling.

Moreover, she was not even spotted accompanying Amy while shifting to her new house. This led fans to come down heavily on the younger sister on Twitter.

Tammy Slaton's stubborn attitude

The episode showed family members struggling to convince the younger Slaton to abandon her drinking and partying habits. Being anxious about Tammy's deteriorating health, Amanda visited her to coax her to change how she lives her life for the good. However, Tammy expressed a wish to stay the way she is and did not want to please anyone by losing weight.


Amy and other family members seemed quite worried about her unwilling demeanor. Many are paranoid about her lifestyle taking away her life.


Fans react to Tammy Slaton's behavior

Monday's episode saw Twitter flooded with many fan reactions criticizing and empathizing with Tammy's attitude. It seems that they are very much done with the younger Slaton's behavior.

Followers believe that Tammy has everything to lead a good life, yet she believes that nothing can cheer her up. Her obese and ailing body has concerned not only her family members but the show's Twitter fans too:

Amy is already considered high risk medically as an overweight, diabetic person. If she would’ve waited, who knows if she still would’ve had the chance to have another baby! Y’all saying 5 years, maybe she doesn’t want to have a baby at 40. #1000lbSisters
Seeing these flashbacks of Tammy from the first season… Omg. She used to be so much nicer!!! 💀💀💀#1000lbSisters
Tammy sounds like she has given up and has one foot in the grave. I hope it’s not too late. #1000lbSisters
Tammy does not want to do one single thing to help herself. Not one. Dr. Smith is a good man. #1000lbSisters
Every single time Tammy. “I don’t feel good” #1000lbSisters
Rename this show... "The slow sad death of Tammy Slaton" #sosad #givenup #helpyourself #1000lbSisters
I truly believe Tammy has lost all motivation to lose weight #1000lbSisters

What to expect from next episode?

The next episode will show Dr. Eric Smith visiting Tammy and convincing her to get therapy. The good news is that she will agree to take it, but in an interesting turn of events, she will sadly lose her breath while on her way to the doctor.

Will Tammy have to struggle to live her life, or will she make it to a successful weight loss? We have to find out in the next episode.

1000-Lb Sisters airs every Monday at 10.00 pm ET (Eastern Time).

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