Who is Kia? All about Jerry Sykes' wife as ex Tammy Slaton moves on in '1000-lb Sisters'

1000-lb Sisters stars Jerry Syke, Kia, and Tammy Slaton (Image via Sportskeeda)
1000-lb Sisters stars Jerry Syke, Kia, and Tammy Slaton (Image via Sportskeeda)
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1000-lb Sisters Season 2 ended with Tammy Slaton and Jerry Sykes putting an end to their two-year-long relationship, but not much was explained as to why the couple called it quits.

Fortunately, the Season 3 premiere featured Slaton talking about her recent breakup. Fans learned about Jerry Sykes' wife, Kia Russell-Rucker Sykes, and their seven children.

One fan reacted to the situation on Twitter:

@NealesMom1 Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thats how i Missed it. How could Jerry get away with this. He married but dating Tammy on TV? #1000lbSisters

Who is Jerry Sykes' estranged wife?

Kia Russell-Rucker Sykes is Slaton's ex-boyfriend's wife. Although Kia is from Brooklyn, New York, the stay-at-home mom currently resides in Winston-Salem with her children.

Being a mother of seven, Kia misses her late mother's guidance in her life. She often shares posts on her social media expressing the same.

Kia revealed that Slaton did know that Jerry was married while they were dating but didn't care or apologize to her.

Kia learned about her husband's affair when 1000-lb Sisters Season 2 aired. She said:

โ€œWe are married, but we are not together cause he went on that show. He told me if I [file for divorce], he will not sign the papers.โ€

Jerry's wife believes he wants to reconcile with her, though she has no plans of going back to her cheating husband. Kia revealed:

โ€œI donโ€™t think I can forgive him anymore. We have seven kids together. They are upset with him.โ€

Kia strongly believes the 1000-lb Sisters star ruined her life. She also claimed that TLC reached out to her to feature on the show to discuss the scandal, but she refused the offer.

Why did 1000-lb Sisters stars Tammy Slaton and Jerry Sykes break up?

1000-lb Sisters Season 3 premiere features Tammy Slaton getting candid about her downhill relationship with Jerry Sykes. The producer questions Slaton about how the couple ended things and what really happened.

The producers assumed Slaton broke up with Jerry, but she said that it was Jerry who ended things with her. The main reason was that they wanted different things in life.

Slaton was looking for a promise ring and a marriage, while Jerry was still married to someone else.

Many fans speculated on the reason for their split to be Slaton coming out as pansexual, but that wasn't the case.

Slaton isn't letting the breakup dampen her spirit. In fact, she is busy working on herself.

While things didn't work out for Jerry and her, Season 3 reveals that the star has moved on with a new man in her life.

Watch new episodes of 1000-lb Sisters every Monday on TLC at 10 p.m. ET.

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