Telfar Corned Beef bag: Where to buy and more about the new colorway that has Twitter in splits

Telfar unveiled its latest Corned Beef colorway bags (Image via Telfar)
Telfar unveiled its latest Corned Beef colorway bags (Image via Telfar)

Telfar recently unveiled its shopping bag in the latest Corned Beef colorway.

Liberian-American fashion designer Telfar Clemens has released a brand new mauve pink shopping bag, which could surely be a match for one's Valentine's Day outfit.

Not long ago, the brand also launched a collection of black track styles which included jackets, pants, and shorts. The capsule collection launched on February 9, and the prices ranged from $120 to $200.

Twitter in splits over corned beef color Telfar bag

The name of the latest piece, Corned Beef, turned into a Twitter sensation. It became an attraction for Telfar fans, who were left giggling at the unique name.

Social media users went wild over the bag's colorway, asking why it had been named so. Some even questioned what the name of Telfar's next colorway could be, a few suspected it to be something like cabbage.

Many expressed their love for the latest colorway, sharing that they rescheduled their meeting so that they could grab the bag on time. Some shared that they love the idea because corned beef is a Liberian staple.

I don't care how corny the name is. I want that corned beef telfar in medium.
Telfar bag named....corned beef??? What's next, a bag named cabbage? 🤣🤣
the seeing telfar’s new color name is “corned beef” to making supoketi pipeline
whenever anyone mentions corned beef now I will forever think of telfar
why is that corned beef telfar starting to look cute…someone take my cards away
Skipping dinner. Her Corned Beef Telfar comes first.
Rescheduled my meeting that was set for noon tomorrow so I can focus on securing the Corned Beef Telfar okay.
@ju_foe The new telfar bag😂 it’s a pink color they named corned beef lmao I love corned beef & it’s a Liberian staple which is on brand
Corned beef @TELFARGLOBAL ? 😂😂😂 my struggle meal
Lmfao I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought corned beef was a strange name 😂 .. and in the same breath I understand telfar wanted a name that wasn’t basic or overused

All about Telfar Corned Beef bag, price and more

The piece is available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large - which are priced at $150, $202, and $257 respectively. Those interested can grab their piece from Telfar’s official website as the limited edition piece is available for purchase starting February 11.

The bag is an everyday essential for everyone. The silhouette features a double strap that can function as both handles as well as cross-body straps. All the pieces bear a large-sized Telfar logo embossed on the front.

In the case of the large-sized bag, the main compartment includes a magnetic snap closure. The internal laptop-sized compartment possesses a zipper closure on the back and an additional internal pocket on the front.

The small bag is primarily a party or an afterparty bag, while the medium sized one is perfect for fitting a laptop and daily essentials. Last but not least, the large one is an ideal bag for a long weekend, apart from being the ultimate carry-on.

The limited edition piece is made with faux leather and twill lining. The shopping bag is packaged and shipped in a 100% cotton drawstring bag which has a screen-printed logo over it.

Alongside the shopping bag, Telfar also launched a logo embossed hat and a belt with an attached logo buckle, with similar muave pink hues.

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