David Dobrik's 16-year-old sister gets harassed on Instagram

 Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
Amitesh Dhar

The internet has been harassing David Dobrik's sister over the sexual harassment allegations raised against her brother.

David Dobrik, a famous internet celebrity, has found himself in the soup recently. Numerous allegations of sexual harassment were thrown against him and Vlog Squad member Dominykas "Durte Dom" Zeglaitis.

The heat that David Dobrik had been receiving for the accusations has now spilled over to his family as well.

In a recent post on Twitter by Dennis "Def Noodles" Feitosa, screenshots of people harassing Dobrik's sister were revealed. The comments ranged from "Hey girl tell your brother to get some help" to "David helped Dom get away with rape."

While the allegations against Durte Dom and Dobrik are yet to be proved, Dobrik has already released an apology video. The Slovak-born internet celebrity has apologized for not paying heed to the allegations before. He added that he shouldn't have disregarded the allegations against Durte Dom.

David Dobrik's 16-year-old sister harassed on Instagram

Many sections of the internet felt that it's wrong to involve Dobrik's sister in this mess because she wasn't involved in the first place. Users stated that harassing a young girl to get her brother to stop harassing other young girls wasn't the right way to go about things.

Some users also went on to point out that the kind of people attacking her at this point in time were in the same age group as her.

Twitter users reiterated time and again that Dobrik's sister wasn't involved in any of the incidents that Dobrik, Durte Dom, and the other members of the Vlog squad took part in.

The allegations against the Vlog Squad have spread like wildfire. The internet can often be used as a vehicle for toxic behavior, and Dobrik's sister is unfairly being subjected to some of it.

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