TEN IN BLOOM SKECHERS goes viral after WayV’s Ten and WinWin take part in Shanghai Fashion Week

A still of WayV member Ten in Skechers for Shanghai Fashion Week (Image via tenlee_1001/Instagram)
A still of WayV member Ten in Skechers for Shanghai Fashion Week (Image via tenlee_1001/Instagram)

WayV members Ten and WinWin took part in the Shanghai Fashion Week being held from October 8 to 16. Sportswear brand Skechers held its fashion show at Taipinghu Park. WayV's members Ten and WinWin were at the show and the two were seated in the front row.

Their attendance led to a fan frenzy and media frenzy as well. Videos from the event shared on Twitter showed both Ten and WinWin at the center of fans' undulated attention. Skechers showed its Spring-Summer 2022 collection on October 13.

The two stars were dressed in casual wear in reflection of the brand they represented. The two of them also answered a few questions from the media. For one, WinWin revealed what outfit he preferred the most and said, “white t-shirt, outerwear, and small accessories." He also revealed that in terms of sport, his interest lies in boxing and working out at the gym. Meanwhile, Ten impressed the media and fans with his ability to speak a fourth language.

Fans share pictures and videos of WayV's Ten and WinWin

Hashtags such as #TEN_SkechersSHFW and #WINWINxSkechersSHFW went viral as fans shared pictures of Ten and WinWin seated in the front row of the Skechers show. Fans gushed about WinWin and Ten's looks on the red carpet at Shanghai Fashion Week.

Fans also shared videos of Ten where he is seen catching a bouquet of flowers that was thrown at him by fans. He also thanked the fans with a bowed head gesture in the video.

#WayV’s #WinWin and #Ten for Skechers show at Shanghai Fashion Week
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look at the main character, listen to the crowd screamingTEN IN BLOOM SKECHERS #TEN_SkechersSHFW
this interview was way too short they didn’t even let him introduce himself 🙃 at first they didn’t even meant to ask him questions a staff told the host to just let him say hi and go. and they even put him the last for 10velys’ to keep the viewers high just for those few secs 🙃


Enjoy the show ten, you looks so gorgeous your smile is so bright and you looks so happy you know you are so enchanting tonight you don't have to try anything bc you already stunningTEN IN BLOOM SKECHERS#TEN_SkechersSHFW
tattoo out, accessories on, skin glowing!TEN IN BLOOM SKECHERS #TEN_SkechersSHFW
front row at the runway it’s been too long!TEN IN BLOOM SKECHERS #TEN_SkechersSHFW
#TEN and #WINWIN doing an interview!cr: __Anja__TEN IN BLOOM SKECHERS#TEN_SkechersSHFW

The most common reaction pertained to the idols' looks. From side profiles to straight shots, fans shared everything and marveled at Ten and WinWin's good looks. The videos shared on Twitter also portrayed a huge crowd going wild at Ten's entry at Shanghai Fashion week.

Fans also loved the fact that the WayV member's tattoo was not hidden from view this time around. They loved Ten's outfit for the occasion.

Fans also noticed something unfortunate. One fan shared a clip of WayV members Ten and WinWin waving their hands and pointed out that the reporter who was scheduled to interview them was unprofessional as no questions were planned for either of them. The fans also noticed that one of the staff members mentioned that they should just be allowed to say hi before getting off the red carpet.

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