"That was shady": RHOA fans criticize Sanya for insisting that Kenya bring a date on their trip to Jamaica

Sanya (Image via Instagram/@sanyarichiross)
Sanya (Image via Instagram/@sanyarichiross)

RHOA returned for an all-new episode on Sunday night and this week Sanya found herself on the receiving end of hate, owing to her demands.

Sanya planned a vacation to Jamaica with the ladies and wanted it to be a couple's trip. Since Kenya was single, she decided to call her up and insist she bring a date on the trip. This caused Kenya to lose her cool.

The move didn't sit well with viewers either.

Just so we’re clear, Kenya had every right to hang up that phone because Sanya knew damn well that Kenya is single. That was shady and unnecessary. #RHOA

Episode 12 of RHOA, titled Trust (Planning) Issues, featured Kenya getting annoyed with Sanya after she tried to force her to bring a plus on their Jamaica trip. Kenya, on the other hand, wasn't having any of it and cut the call mid-conversation, leaving everyone shocked.

Those who watched the episode took to social media to point out that what Sanya did was wrong, especially given that Kenya was going through the process of a divorce.

Kenya loses her cool after Sanya insists she bring a plus one to Jamaica in RHOA, Episode 12

Last week, Marlo and Kenya got into an extremely heated argument that resulted in Marlo kicking the ladies out of the cabin mid-trip.

Picking up right where the last episode left off, Kenya and Drew were seen in Kandi's house for her son's birthday party. Meanwhile, Sanya, Marlo and Sheree were together elsewhere.

When the topic of their trip to Jamaica was brought up, Sanya shared that it was a couples' trip and insisted that everyone who was invited had a plus one. Kenya, though, was single and in the process of a divorce. Despite that, an inconsiderate Sanya decided to call her up and force the decision on her.

During her confessional, Sanya shared that her decision to enforce a plus one stemmed from their previous trip to New York, where a few people were single despite it being a couples' trip.

The RHOA star then decided to call Kenya up and break the news to her. Sanya said:

"I really want this to be a couples' trip. I want you to bring somebody. Okay, so I just want to be clear that the Jamaica trip is a couples' trip, because I felt like...."

Before Sanya was able to complete her sentence, Kenya cut the call, claiming she was tired of it. Sanya, Marlo and Sheree were shocked. Kandi and Drew were also shocked - not because Kenya cut the call, but because Sanya was insisting she bring a date.

The RHOA star shared that she wasn't going to let Sanya do this to her. But the latter still didn't understand the reason behind Kenya's action. In a conversation with the other ladies, she said:

"She feels like she's queen bee. Why would she do that?"

Marlo quickly quipped, claiming that it was because Kenya had no one to bring. Meanwhile, Kandi was still trying to process what Sanya had told Kenya. She said:

"My thing is, if we know that Kenya is going through a divorce, like why are we forcing the point of her having to bring somebody."

Just like how Drew and Kandi found issues with Sanya's rules and regulations, so did fans on social media.

Fans slam Sanya for insisting that Kenya bring a date on their vacation to Jamaica in RHOA

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that it was shady of Sanya to behave in the way that she did. Many also added that she was being messy and extra.

Sanya girl you are too extra. You know several of the women don't have a relationship so for you to make it a couples only trip is insensitive. #RHOA
And I'm tired of Sanya's Mama Odie ass mama #RHOA
Yes she did.. #Sanya was being low-key messy.... #RHOA…
Sorry but Sanya that was not nice. Shady. And passive. I would’ve hung up on you too. 👋🏽 #RHOA
Sanya so mf’ing annoying 🤦🏾‍♀️ #RHOA
Sanya is a flip flopper and a back stabber. #rhoa she knows what she’s doing. Am happy Kenya is not buying that BS. Please @Andy let this be Sanya one time season. #RHOA
Y’all know #Kenya is in the right. Sanya is messy AF which is why she’s out there with Marlo and Sheree. How the fuq you forcing couple’s trips on folks. Who Marlo bringin? #Sheree is bringin the dude that bailed or the dude out on bail? #RHOA
Kenya is all of us. We’re all tired of Sanya at this point. But in typical fashion, Kenya haters will focus on the hang up (the response) and not about making it a couples trip when some ppl are not coupled AND stressing that point specifically to Kenya. #RHOA
Sanya needs to go sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️ #RHOA
Sanya clearly is the new bone collector #RHOA
I would’ve hung up on Sanya too with all that couples talk especially I ain’t got no damn boo! She was being annoying #RHOA
Sanya is being disrespectful as hell to Kenya and other singles. Trying to force her to bring someone? Girl leave Kenya alone #RHOA
Sanya seems very shady and two face #RHOA
#RHOA That's shady Sanya. You're sitting there with Marlo & Sheree so you know everyone isn't married or coupled up.

Later in the episode, when Kenya and the other ladies met up at Sanya's house for Sheree's surprise birthday party, the two opened up about what happened. Sanya and Kenya decided to clear the air and sorted the issues between themselves without creating any more drama.

RHOA airs every Sunday night at 8 pm ET only on Bravo. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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