"Sanya stirring the pot": Fans condemn the RHOA star after she reveals details about her conversation with Kenya to Marlo

Sanya seems to be causing conflict between Kenya and Marlo (Image via sanyarichiross/Instagram)
Sanya seems to be causing conflict between Kenya and Marlo (Image via sanyarichiross/Instagram)

Bravo's RHOA returned for an all-new episode on Sunday night and the drama between Kenya and Marlo continued. Titled Cabin Fever, the episode saw Kenya finally arriving at the cabin, but she didn't want to talk to Marlo. However, that wasn't the reason for the conflict. Things took a turn for the worse after Sanya revealed details about a conversation she had with Kenya to Marlo.

Not Sanya stirring the pot then falling back like she wants peace πŸ’€ #RHOA

Episode 11 of RHOA kicked off with Kenya having a deep conversation about Marlo's decision to kick her nephews out. Kenya also opened up about a similar incident that happened to her during her childhood and how that trauma affected her. But what Kenya didn't expect was for Sanya to share that information with Marlo and Sheree.

Kenya told Sanya that Marlo was walking around with demons and claimed that she didn't need to be near her. She also discussed how the RHOA star kicked her nephews out because she was having a hard time. Kenya shared that one could not simply return a child and added that the decision to adopt someone was to be taken very seriously.

Would you face this #RHOA drama, or would you bounce? πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ•³οΈ

Opening up about her childhood, Kenya shared that she ran away when she was in a similar situation. She wanted to spend time with her mother's side of the family, but they wanted to send her back when things got tough for them. Since she didn't want to go back, she jumped out of a moving vehicle and went missing for weeks.

After showing Kenya to her room, Sanya quickly ran up to Sheree and Marlo and spilled the beans. The RHOA star claimed that she was trying to make peace between the two ladies, but fans on social media claimed that she was "bone collecting" and trying to be "messy."

Fans slam Sanya for being "messy" and ratting out Kenya to Marlo in Episode 11 of RHOA

Taking to Twitter, fans claimed that Sanya was "stirring the pot." Some also added that she was "bone collecting" and instigating conflict. Many felt that it was none of her business to reveal what Kenya confided in her.

Sanya is soooo messy for that! #RHOA
Sanya is definitely being a bone collector. #RHOA
Sanya girl - peacekeeping does not involve running back and repeating every thing you heard. In fact it makes people not trust you OR just use you as a pawn b/c they know you’ll run your mouth. No convo is safe around you. #rhoa
#RHOA @KenyaMoore Seems like Sanya is the demon is this story SMH.
Why is Sanya getting in the middle???? #RHOA
Sanya is definitely the new bone collector #RHOA
Sanya is doing the most in the worst ways πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ #RHOA
Kenya never should have shown up, starting with coming late.Marlo never should have invited her.Both of them are working each others nerves.Sanya needs to stop stirring shit. #rhoa
Sanya doing all this smiling and she’s the one stirring the damn pot SMH #RHOA
Sanya stirring the pot, ughhh. Why??? #RHOA
I know Sanya ain’t running back and stirring this mess up #RHOA

Marlo and Kenya get into an argument once again after Sanya stirs the pot in RHOA Episode 11 Season 14

After Sanya told Marlo that Kenya was talking about her behind her back and criticizing her for kicking the nephews out, the RHOA star had enough of the situation. While the other ladies prepared for a day of gem mining, Marlo decided that she would not leave the cabin without having a heart-to-heart conversation alone with Kenya.

However, Kenya wasn't ready to do so. She claimed that she didn't want to have a conversation alone with Marlo and shared that Marlo could tell her whatever she wanted to in front of all the other ladies. Marlo wasn't interested in doing this, and it in return led to a heated argument between the ladies.

Marlo yelled at Kenya and told her to avoid talking about her nephews. Marlo was also adamant that she didn't want Kenya to stay for the trip. However, Kenya didn't want to leave and was equally adamant about staying. The other ladies were left feeling awkward because of the argument between Marlo and Kenya.

After a lot of convincing, Marlo agreed to Kenya joining the group but mentioned that she wouldn't have anything to do with her.

RHOA airs every Sunday night at 8:00 pm ET only on Bravo. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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