The Bear ending explained: Time for new beginnings

A still from The Bear (Image via FX on Hulu)
A still from The Bear (Image via FX on Hulu)

The Bear is FX's latest production and deals with a fine-dining chef's return to his hometown after the suicide of his brother. Although labeled a dark comedy, the show dealt little with laugh-out-loud moments and more with the intense premise of dealing with the insides of the culinary world.

Following the day-to-day as well as the more challenging parts of the food industry, The Bear was a treat for viewers both from the industry and those who are unacquainted with the world.

The show follows Camry (Jeremy Allen White), a fine-dining chef from New York, who returns to work in his family sandwich shop after his brother's sudden suicide. The show deals with grief, trauma, and acceptance.

But the end of the eight-part TV show indicates a new beginning and greater things ahead of the already released episodes.

The Bear ending: What happened at the end of the finale?

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The finale was the only episode that was much longer than the usual 30 minutes of other episodes, being 20 minutes longer. The finale was the direct continuation of the penultimate episode, which depicted a very complicated day at the sandwich shop.

The previous episode ultimately culminated in Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) quitting the shop after Camry's unpleasant behavior under pressure. But the crux of the finale came as a direct result of the hectic day in the Chicago shop.

The major themes in the final episode were acceptance and confrontation. Sydney quitting was perhaps the last thing that pushed Camry on the journey of accepting his brother's death and dealing with it. The majority of the series dealt with a lot of repressed emotions. Multiple surreal dream sequences pointed at the same thing as well.

The finale began with a brilliant monologue by Camry where he finally said a lot of things out loud, which he had perhaps been holding back for a long time. A while later, Camry and Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) shared some feelings about Camry's brother outside their restaurant.

Unfortunately, their conversation was interrupted by a fight that broke out in the food joint. Although Richie avoided some real trouble by a whisker, it further propagated Camry's journey of acceptance.

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At the end of the episode, he decided to apologize to Sydney. Though she initially rebuffed him, it was clear that she would eventually give in. This sequence was shot in a very realistic way depicting text messages without overburdening the scene with fancy animations and artworks like most shows do.

The Bear was both the restaurant and Camry's personal journey to a newer and more developed stage. While it seems like he still has some way to go before he comes to terms with his brother's death as well as his new life, the ending showed that he has finally taken some positive steps in the direction.

The final shot showed a handwritten sign that marked the end of the present sandwich joint, and the start of a new venture.

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The final part of The Bear also showed the entire odd group of "chefs" coming together as a family. This was perhaps the point of the entire journey. The show left off in a way that could very well lead to a second season.

All the episodes of The Bear are now streaming on Hulu.

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