The Belle Delphine Christmas Tweet and why its blowing up on the Internet

KSI and Belle Delphine
KSI and Belle Delphine

Mary-Belle "Belle Delphine" Kirschner has, for over a month, been hinting upon a pornographic video that she will be releasing on Christmas day 2020.

Rumours suggest that the video is with fellow internet personality Olajide Olayinka "KSI" Williams Olatunji.

Talk about the situation gathered pace when KSI posted a tweet promising his fans an “unexpected surprise.” Belle Delphine replied to the tweet, which further lent these rumours momentum.

Since then, Belle Delphine has given multiple hints about the video, and confirmed via a tweet that she will be posting it on the video sharing platform OnlyFans on 25th December. In this article, the rumors surrounding the video and how it all started has been talked about.

Belle Delphine pornographic video rumours: How it all began?

On 23rd November, Belle Delphine posted a tweet promising her fans that she will finally be posting a “hardcore" pornographic video on the 25th of December. She acknowledged that she has been “playing around” with her fans for the past couple of years, and said that the video will be posted on her OnlyFans account.

This was then followed by a cryptic discussion between Belle Delphine and internet celebrity KSI, which led fans to believe that KSI is, in some way or another, involved in the pornographic video as well.

As can be seen in the tweets, Belle Delphine and KSI both suggested that the unexpected surprise that KSI promised is in truth a pornographic video that Belle Delphine will post on her OnlyFans account.

This is something Belle Delphine’s fans have been waiting for since a long time, irrespective of whether KSI is involved in the video or not. Over the past few weeks, each of her tweets have been received by innumerable fans asking her to share more details about the video in question.

Of course, that has not been forthcoming, as Belle Delphine has been quite coy with the overall situation. With Christmas day just around the corner, whether the rumors end up being true, will soon be revealed.

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Edited by Nikhil Vinod