BTS Army responds to MrBeast after he calls out 'K-Pop fans' on Twitter 

MrBeast Vs BTS is officially happening on Twitter
MrBeast Vs BTS is officially happening on Twitter

One of the most prominent YouTubers in the world, MrBeast, and one of the biggest fan armies, BTS Army, are officially facing off against each other on Twitter.

MrBeast is known for his generous giveaways and audacious contests, where he randomly donates hundreds of thousands of dollars and can also be spotted performing attention-grabbing stunts.

The part-time philanthropist has witnessed a meteoric rise over the past few years for becoming one of the most eminent content creators in the world, with millions of followers across various social media platforms.

Recently, he took to Twitter to announce an exciting new giveaway, where he was willing to offer $10,000 to anyone who ratios him the hardest.

As the comments began to come quickly from all areas, one particular comment by popular Twitch streamer xQc ended up stealing the show, as he tweeted a pic of himself with the caption 'KPOP ROCKS.'

His tweet has already received more than 50K likes so far, which also prompted a jibe from MrBeast, as he challenged K-Pop fans across the globe to step up their game, lest of losing the title of the 'biggest fan base' to Minecraft YouTubers.

It now seems like MrBeast has ended up getting more than what he bargained for, as his tweet caught the eye of the BTS Army, which is one of the biggest fan bases in the world.

They seem to have taken offense to MrBeast's 'challenge' and have now come out in large numbers to ensure that they triumphantly ratio the 22-year-old.

MrBeast vs. BTS ft. Twitter

MrBeast always garners a lot of attention with his eye-watering giveaways, and this one too is no different, although the stakes seem to be a lot higher with the involvement of K-Pop fans and BTS.

MrBeast announced that people have exactly 24 hours from the time he posted his tweet to come up with the best ratio.

South Korean sensation, The Bangtan Boys, aka BTS, comprising the septet of V, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, Jin, RM, and J-Hope, are known to be one of the most popular musical artists in the world and hold one of the strongest fan bases worldwide.

The BTS fan base is referred to as ARMY, consisting of numerous fans who religiously stan each of the boy band members, who have become classic pop culture icons. They have now taken to Twitter to officially accept MrBeast's challenge as they attempt to take home the prize of $10,000.

Check out some of the reactions from BTS and K-Pop fans online, as some took offense to being labeled 'K-Pop fans,' while others promised to emerge victorious.

As BTS fans continue to pile on the likes and retweets, it seems like their closest competitor is Corpse Husband, who has so far amassed a whopping 210K plus likes, with a simple smiley.

Corpse Husband has emerged the winner, after a closely fought contest with the BTS Army.

However, BTS fans also have reason to rejoice, as MrBeast surprised them by rewarding them with $10,000 too.

Edited by Shaheen Banu