'The Equalizer' Season 2 Episode 8: What happens to Harry?

Harry in 'The Equalizer' (Image via CBS)
Harry in 'The Equalizer' (Image via CBS)
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After a long wait, The Equalizer returns post its mid-season break bringing back Queen Latifah's Agent McCall into action. The latest episode, titled 'Separated', is the first episode since 28 November 2021. The previous episode left viewers on a solid cliffhanger, and this episode picks up the pieces.

With a solid episode as the mid-season finale, the ending of The Equalizer saw Harry (Adam Goldberg) being arrested for hacking into CIA servers. He was also in hiding when this happened. Fans have been waiting a long time to find out what happens next, and Episode 8 of The Equalizer has the answers.

'The Equalizer' Season 2 Episode 8 recap: An emotional case of seperation

Us the entire episode 🤧🥺 Thanks for tuning in, fam! We missed y'all. #TheEqualizer

The Equalizer's eighth episode for the season begins with an introduction of the emotionally challenging case for the day, and later dives into the story of Harry and Melody (Liza Lapira).

The Equalizer Season 2 Episode 8 opens with a flashback from 2020 when a woman and her child were held at the border for illegally trespassing. Although she explains she is seeking asylum, she is arrested and her little boy is taken away.

In the present day, Melody visits Harry and realizes how wound up Harry is after he accessed military secrets and faked his death. McCall, Bishop (Chris Noth) and Melody are willing to do everything to get it right, but the task seems impossible even for the most powerful and connected people of The Equalizer. Bishop decides to play one last card and heads for the Pentagon.

A dark case of trafficking

Now THAT'S the Robyn we know and love. #TheEqualizer

Alma, the refugee mother from the beginning of the episode, turns to McCall as a last resort. She explains what happened and says all she knows is that her child, Pedro, was sent to the U.S.

McCall vists the shelter where Pedro stayed before he was sent to a foster family. She finds out about the place's owner and seemingly reaches a dead-end when the computer records are missing and the owner of the place, Perez, is not found. However, McCall does figure out that the kids may be trafficked.

McCall tells Alma about the group home and Alma, acting on her maternal instinct, rushes to the location. When McCall reaches, she sees Alma arguing with a lady there. Staff member Nate appears and tells them that he will do his best to look for the kid. It is later revealed that Nate was involved in the trafficking scandal.

Nate calls Alma alone to reveal Pedro's location but as soon as she reaches, he holds her at gunpoint. Mel surprisingly appears and kicks the gun out of Nate's hand, forcing him to reveal Pedro's location. McCall arrives at the scene too, and shoots down Nate. After another failed attempt at finding Pedro, it is revealed the boy never left with a foster family.

McCall reaches a garment factory after linking the clues, and fights off two thugs before rescuing the whole group of children. The ending of The Equalizer sees an emotional mother-son reunion.

What happens to Harry?

Aww..I love Harry & Mel. They need to get him out. #FreeHarry #TheEqualizer

Bishop tells Mel that he is nearly running out of options as he has tried almost everything and getting Harry out still seems like an impossiblity. He says the only way would be to go back to military intelligence.

Meanwhile Mel sees a video Harry left for her where he explains everything, and even goes over his will. News of Harry being deported is revealed, and it seems like Harry's saga is at its absolute end before Bishop makes one final call.

Bishop uses his get-out-of-jail-free card by making a call to the President that results in Harry being released. However, Harry can never touch a computer again.

The long awaited story arc came to a close with this episode of The Equalizer. The next episode will be out on 9 January 2022.

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