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'The Good day': The oldest YouTube video that's still uploading after 13 years straight

The longest uploading YouTube video (Image via TheTekkitRealm and Al T. - YouTube)
The longest uploading YouTube video (Image via TheTekkitRealm and Al T. - YouTube)
Modified 23 Mar 2021

According to a recent video posted by TheTekkitRealm, a specific video has been uploading for 13 years straight on YouTube.

The video, titled "The good day," was initially set for upload in 2007 from a YouTube channel called Al T. However, as the channel's owner revealed, even after 13 years of uploading, the video is yet to go live.

Considering how bizarre and rare this scenario is, it is safe to say that this is undoubtedly one of the oldest videos being uploaded to YouTube. The latest screenshot of the upload procedure showed YouTube's algorithm suggesting that it would upload within 13 minutes.

However, considering that it has been a few days since the screenshot was taken and that the video hasn't appeared on the channel yet, it seems evident that the algorithm was astronomically inaccurate.

The YouTube video that has been uploading for 13 years

According to the statement written by the owner of the Al T. channel on YouTube, "The good day" is a generic video from the popular Dragon Ball franchise. As can be seen on the YouTube channel, all videos posted are from 13 years ago and are mostly old gameplay clips.

Nevertheless, the reason behind the massive delay in uploading this specific video is something that remains a complete mystery for everyone.


According to the channel owner, this was the last video that they had tried to upload on the channel before having to quit YouTube due to university and work. The owner also explained that the device from which the video was being uploaded had been forgotten about for a few years.

This incident happened during their academic period at the university and was followed by absolute shock a couple of years later when the device was rediscovered. To the surprise of the channel's owner, the gadget powered up with the web browser screen displaying the previous upload-layout for YouTube, with the process stuck at 9%.

Screenshot from 2018 (Image via TheTekkitRealm and Al T. - YouTube)
Screenshot from 2018 (Image via TheTekkitRealm and Al T. - YouTube)

Over the years, the upload process has managed to reach 13%. However, it remains to be seen how long it might actually take for the upload to finish. The owner of the channel has clarified that they are extremely careful about the device that the process is running on.

Despite being an extremely old laptop from more than a decade ago, the owner has ensured that an incident like this, which can be significant for YouTube's history, is not lost due to a device malfunction.

Published 23 Mar 2021, 16:40 IST
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