'The Good Doctor' recap: Shaun finally pushed to the edge?

A scene from The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 7 (Image via TheGoodDoctorB/Twitter)
A scene from The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 7 (Image via TheGoodDoctorB/Twitter)

The Good Doctor recently aired the seventh episode of the fifth season, and the dramatic stakes have gone up a notch. The show, entering its mid-season break, delivers a terrific episode. It is full of high tension and drama and culminates in a series of unfortunate events that throw Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) over the edge.

Followers of The Good Doctor will know that the most recent crisis has been the "moving away" of Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff), who was a mentor and father figure to Shaun. In fact, in the previous episode, Lea Diallo (Paige Spara) had practically begged him not to move as Shaun really needs him.

It was only at the beginning of the episode that The Good Doctor fans could see something positive before things started spiraling out of control.

The Good Doctor: Season 5 Episode 7 plot

The episode of The Good Doctor began on a relatively positive note, with Shaun taking Lea to the church where they were planning to get married. This part got many fans overwhelmed and emotional.

However, the old church's creaky floorboard made a noise that Shaun couldn't take. After a while, they left and were on their way back when they witnessed a multi-car accident.

Shaun immediately went to help the victims, but his attention was caught by a 26-week pregnant woman, severely injured and trapped in her car. He sprung into action with whatever material he could gather, realizing he could not wait for the paramedic's team without jeopardizing her safety.

She was ultimately taken to their hospital on time. After the surgery, Shaun gave her a choice: she could either give up the baby or risk never walking correctly again.

Meanwhile, Glassman returned to the hospital to help out his ex-wife, whose current husband had a tumor. Before the surgery, they had a meaningful talk, which was long overdue. His ex-wife convinced Glassman that he needed Shaun as much as Shaun needed him.

Back at their home, Lea confessed to altering Shaun's bad reviews and going to plead with Glassman to come back. An infuriated Shaun demands his original scores back, as it really unsettled him.

The following day, the pregnant lady decided to have the baby, who had to be delivered surgically, as it was premature. The baby needed medicines immediately, which were administered.

It seemed the medicine wasn't working at first. Then the nurse noticed the drug had expired.

The baby was pronounced dead, and this pushed Shaun over the fence. He went into the pharmacy and saw many such expired medications, and he began to smash them all.

Lea tried to stop him, but he blamed her for being a "liar" and declared that he couldn't marry her.

Glassman joined soon after, and Shaun directed his anger at him, saying he was a lousy mentor and bad doctor. As Shaun completely broke down, Glassman calmly joined him on the floor, and Shaun sobbed into his arms.

The episode was intense and had fans on tenterhooks with so much happening before the mid-season break.

The Good Doctor will not be back this year.

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