The Last of Us trailer: 3 major takeaways

A still from The Last of Us (Image via HBO)
A still from The Last of Us (image via HBO)

The Last of Us has long been one of the most anticipated titles on television. The video game adaptation has been in development for quite some time and has generated a buzz online. A trailer was released earlier this week, generating a lot of excitement among both video game fans and television fans as well. The new trailer revealed plenty of things that may make the series way better than the game's narrative.

The Last of Us is a video game that follows a smuggler named Joel trying to get a teenage girl, Ellie, across the post-apocalyptic United States. The trailer depicts some video game-like accuracy and a very apt representation of the main characters. The synopsis for the upcoming HBO series reads:

"Joel and Ellie, a pair connected through the harshness of the world they live in, are forced to endure brutal circumstances and ruthless killers on a trek across a post-outbreak America."

Three key takeaways from The Last of Us trailer: Easter eggs, accuracy, and more


1) Perfect game-like accuracy and a more in-depth story

The trailer looks visually stunning in every aspect. The video game-like accuracy is very intriguing, and much like other game adaptations like Halo, this one seems to replicate the original title's environment with great precision.

However, the upcoming series will include an added factor as it will introduce extra characters written for the screen like Melanie Lynskey’s Kathleen, who will be a part of an extended story inside The Last of Us universe.

2) The added backstory

One of the things that a TV adaptation can provide is the chance to have a deeper look into each of the characters. In this case, Ellie (played by Bella Ramsey) has been one of the characters that gamers have long been drawn to but very little has been explained about her, especially with regard to her past.

The game did include Ellie's backstory, but it was in a narration format. In the series, viewers will get to see Ellie's story unfold visually. It could also add to the lore in some ways.

These extra stories will be accentuated by some great names in the cast like Pedro Pascal, Gabriel Luna, Nico Parker, Nick Offerman, and Anna Torv. It additionally stars Murray Bartlett, Merle Dandridge, Con O'Neill, Lamar Johnson, Jeffrey Pierce, Rutina Wesley, and Elaine Miles.

3) The addition of the expansion pack, Left Behind

The Last of Us fans believe that some of the game's greatest moments, at least story-wise, came in the expansion pack titled Left Behind. The trailer has confirmed that the much-loved expansion pack will be a part of the series. The show will also most likely include all the parts in between the campaign missions, something the game left out to suit the playability.

This vital storyline from Left Behind would be very useful in bringing more fanfare to the already anticipated series.

The Last of Us features Craig Mazin, Carolyn Strauss, and Rose Lam Waddell as executive producers. According to reports, the series will premiere on HBO and HBO Max on January 15, 2023.

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