The Masked Singer season 11: Everything we know so far

The Masked Singer on FOX (Image via Instagram/@maskedsingerfox)
The Masked Singer on FOX (Image via Instagram/@maskedsingerfox)

The dust hasn't yet fully settled on the stage of FOX's The Masked Singer, as the popular music mystery show aired its season 10 finale on December 20, 2023. Right on the heels of its last season, FOX is already teasing the arrival of The Masked Singer season 11, which airs on March 6, 2024, on FOX, promising to deliver another set of intriguing costumes and flawless musical performances.

Although there hasn't been an official announcement regarding the cast list, fans of the show are hopeful and already looking forward. The inkling came from a new television spot that aired during the finale episode of season 10. FOX teased several new costumes that might be featured in the upcoming season and also revealed that Rita Ora will be replacing Nicole Scherzinger as one of the judges.

The Masked Singer is a musical reality television show that has been successfully running for ten seasons and features a new line-up of contestants every season. The rules of the game dictate that they must disguise their identities from head to toe and deliver musical performances. Those with the lowest number of judges' votes are made to unmask their identities.

What to expect from The Masked Singer season 11?


Although FOX has yet to reveal all the relevant details surrounding season 11, it has been dropping crumbs as food for thought for the fans. According to an exclusive report by EW, several new get-ups and disguises are expected to feature in the upcoming season.

The giant gold fish from The Masked Singer Season 11 (Image via YouTube/@TheMaskedSinger)
The giant gold fish from The Masked Singer Season 11 (Image via YouTube/@TheMaskedSinger)

The promo hints that one of the costumes will include some form of giant fish, perhaps a goldfish. Other costumes might even include a dinosaur or lizard, a gumball machine, a pair of beets, a mustache, and even a giant bookworm.

New judge Rita Ora is seen hitting a giant bell at one point in the teaser, suggesting the return of the Ding Dong Keep It On bell, which was featured in the previous seasons of the FOX show.

The gum ball machine from The Masked Singer Season 11 (Image via YouTube/@TheMaskedSinger)
The gum ball machine from The Masked Singer Season 11 (Image via YouTube/@TheMaskedSinger)

The teaser further hints that the latest installment in the franchise also contains one of the most shocking reveals ever. Could it match the likes of Mickey Rourke or Gremlin unmasking himself out of turn back in season 4? Only time will tell.

The Masked Singer season 10 winner revealed

The thrilling culmination of Season 10 unfolded as Cow triumphantly seized the trophy at Fox's musical mystery competition.

In a riveting final episode, Cow, Gazelle, Donut, and Sea Queen engaged in a captivating musical showdown. Emerging victorious, Cow's identity remained shrouded until the ultimate reveal.

Ne-Yo, concealed beneath the Cow guise, captivated viewers with renditions of Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation and Rihanna's Take A Bow. Before delivering the climactic performance, he summoned inner fortitude, leaving an indelible mark on the grand finale.

According to Variety, he mentioned in his victory speech:

"I’ve been very blessed to have a lot of success in my career. And trust me, I’m grateful. But even though I’ve won Grammys, I’ve never had the moment televised. Never gotten to give my acceptance speech."

He further added:

"And most importantly, have never gotten the chance to give credit to the person who made it all possible: My mother. I’ve helped so many other artists achieve their dreams and make their big moments possible. But sometimes I feel like I haven’t truly had my moment. To be recognized not only as an artist, but as a creator. But here, I’ve certainly felt that shine… I’m hoping that when I win the Golden Masked Trophy, I can finally read that acceptance speech after all of these years."

The Masked Singer season 11 premieres on March 6, 2024, on FOX.

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