The owner of a noshery in Seoul thanks BTS' RM for his casual visit and the impact he made on their small business

BTS leader RM (Image via Instagram/@bts.bighitofficial)
BTS leader RM (Image via Instagram/@bts.bighitofficial)

BTS' RM recently shared a café picture on his official Instagram account. Though he isn't in the frame, RM clicked a picture of piping hot coffee mugs and Korean biscuits. This created a buzz and profited the owner, who later thanked RM for his casual visit.

The K-pop group created a stir among fans when all seven members launched their own Instagram accounts. This comes after the announcement that they were taking a much-needed break as a group.

RM frequently posts aesthetic pictures on his Instagram feed and keeps ARMY in the loop about his whereabouts.

BTS' RM's picture profits a local café owner

On January 12, 2022, RM (Kim Nam-joon) visited a local café in Nowon-gu, Seoul. The star took to Instagram to post a photo of Korean biscuits and hot black coffee.

After viewing his pictures, ARMY tracked down the location of the café. People started coming in numbers and the local noshery's popularity grew. This amazing turnout led the owner to pen down a thank you message to the K-pop idol for visiting his café.

The owner of 'Biscuit Floor' wrote a long thank you message to RM for popularizing his business. He stated:

"To RM, you came by cafe Biscuit yesterday. I’m also currently waiting to take a picture at where you sat down. Today, the words I heard the most were questions that were curious as to which coffee you drank. I heard from Saetbyeol (employee), regarding what you said about how the Christmas Blend goes well with Christmas. Saetbyeol, who was the one who came in close contact with you, after she recognized you, decided to roast more of the Christmas Blend even though Christmas has been long forgotten. We are quite materialistic, you see. ARMY are all really polite. Your cup of coffee was greater than the disaster relief fund. Seems like you had two cups. I hope the memory of you drinking Biscuit’s coffee deliciously will last long. Thanks to you, Biscuit was an ARMY base today. #TaleOfAHero"
Kmedia reports on Namjoon’s visit to Biscuit Floor and the owner’s IG post thanking him for his visit, which had a big impact. He wrote a long caption, “Your one cup of coffee was more incredible than disaster relief funds.”🔗…@BTS_twt #BTS #방탄소년단

RM certainly enjoyed his hot coffee and biscuits at the café against the background of a snowy night. Located in Nowon-gu, Seoul, the Biscuit Floor is a small café with a home kitchen vibe and handwritten menus.

The BTS effect

This is not the first time that the world-famous K-pop boy group has helped a small scale business grow. The members often post photos of food items, art pieces, restaurants and more on their social feed. This public engagement attracts netizens and makes them visit these places. In 2021, group member Jungkook helped raise sales of a drink called Kombucha (origin: China).

This kind of marketing effect of BTS is powerful as people look up to them and want to keep up to date with their idols. ARMY has been supportive throughout the group's journey and continues to remain loyal.

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