The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) season 13 episode 3: Recap and more details explored

RHOBH Season 13 Episode 3 saw more drama. (Image via Bravo)
RHOBH Season 13 Episode 3 saw more drama. (Image via Bravo)

Season 13 Episode 3 of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills titled It’s not About the Pants ensured the continuation of the RHOBH juggernaut with a range of drama involving the likes of Sutton Stacke and Erica Jayne.

Aired on November 8, several heated exchanges took place during the episode although eventually, things seemed to calm down. A number of the leading ladies from the show were invited to Crustal Kug Minkoff’s Birthday Party. The RHOBH star turned 40 recently and hosted a grand party in Las Vegas to celebrate. Most of the drama from RHOBH Season 13 Episode 3 took place during this event.

RHOBH Season 13 Episode 3: Everything that happened

The major exchange/argument that took place in the episode occurred between the likes of Sutton Stracke and Kyle Richards. While Garcelle Beauvais also eventually defended Kyle against Sutton, the two ladies went at it owing to a simple misunderstanding that occurred to due a party performance.

One of the celebrity guests at the event was Magic Mike, who gave an explicit performance that was met with excitement by most of the cast mates. However, Sutton was left uncomfortable and eventually decided to walk out during the show. She was initially followed by Garcelle, who wanted to know the reason behind Sutton’s walkout.

Sutton claimed that she was not comfortable watching the performance and that she had “different standards” for herself. This led to Kyle Richards chiming in, which led to an immediate retort from Sutton. Sutton questioned Kyle why she was interfering in a conversation she had not been a part of, which led to the first argument between the two.

Garcelle hilariously compared Sutton Stracke to a hurricane, claiming that it was Stracke who was going out of her way to start disagreements. Regardless, Sutton seemingly apologized to Kyle, which suggested that the fight was over.

However, as it often happens, Garcelle brought up the matter during breakfast the next day, which led to Sutton claiming that Erika had a habit of not respecting other people’s boundaries. Sutton talked about Erika’s insulting behavior against Jax in the past as an example, claiming that she had no intention of being friends with Jayne anymore.

Regardless, Erika was seen calmly handling the matter. Sutton ended up apologizing to Jayne as well for her behavior at the birthday party, which later led to Garcelle’s attack on Jayne. Garcelle claimed that while she understood Erika’s response towards Sutton, as Stracke had also initially sent out a retort against her, she had a problem with the way she had been insulting Jax over the past few weeks.

Accusing both Kyle and Erika of breaking up the group, Garcelle claimed that she did not want to choose any sides, and simply wanted the group to co-exist peacefully. Both Kyle Richards and Erica Jayne seemingly agreed, and apologized for their comments against Jax and Sutton Stracke.

The episode also ended up setting up episode 4 with a controversy of its own. Kyle has recently been having marital troubles alongside husband Dorit and has been considering a separation. She will be seen talking about her problems in detail with some of the other cast members during RHOBH Season 13 episode 4.

New episodes of RHOBH are released every Wednesday at 8 PM ET, on Bravo, and are also available to be streamed on Peacock.

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Edited by Abigail Kevichusa
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