The Second Husband, episode 14: Jae-min learns truth about Sun-hwa; will he believe it?

A still of Jae-min from The Second Husband (Image via MBC)
A still of Jae-min from The Second Husband (Image via MBC)

The Second Husband, episode 14, saw the beginning of a change in Sun-hwa and Jae-min's relationship. It came in the form of the son of the bakery house that Jae-min worked at. He informed Jae-min of the truth about Sun-hwa's situation. One that is not a colored opinion like that of his step-sister.

However, he was initially uninterested. Only when he heard about Sun-hwa's fiancé cheating on her for a rich woman that he had met at work did Jae-min begin to pay any attention.

Why is Jae-min curious about Sun-hwa and her life in The Second Husband, episode 14?

The first time Jae-min met Sun-hwa, he had a good impression of her. She had fought a pervert for misbehaving with one of her colleagues on the street.

However, the next time they came across each other in The Second Husband, they both unintentionally did something mean to each other. He ruined her basket of flowers that could have got her fired.

She ratted him out to the security detail of his parents, who were out searching for him. He had stayed away from home in hiding. Jae-min had dreams of becoming a huge singer, and going home would put an end to all his dreams of becoming one. That's how the two began to dislike each other.

They met again coincidentally when Sun-hwa's mother-in-law had set her up on a blind date. She had done it to get rid of Sun-hwa somehow. What was unexpected was to see Jae-min appear as her potential date.

It turns out that was another misunderstanding in The Second Husband. He was there for a date set up by his father, and this woman had arrived late.

This caused a lot of confusion in The Second Husband, and the conflict ended with Sun-hwa taking a luxury watch from his as payment for the flower basket. She believed that he was a nobody who would only wear cheap knockoffs. This had angered Jae-min and resulted in growing dislike between them.

Following this incident in The Second Husband, he had also learned from his sister that Sun-hwa was a stalker who wouldn't let her ex go. This was despite him now being committed to be married.

So it is no surprise that Jae-min refused to believe Sun-hwa could be a decent person. The same goes for Sun-hwa. She also misunderstood Jae-min on multiple occasions that led to her insolence towards him.

In episode 15 of The Second Husband, Jae-min realized that he might be wrong.

However, before concluding, he decided to dig deeper into who she was and asked around in the bakery. He learned about her upbringing, the fact that she was hardworking, and more. Now, he is on the wall about Sun-hwa.

He is yet to learn the truth about his stepsister in The Second Husband. Jae-kyung's master plan was to take over Daekook Group and ensure that her brother got no part of it. Her father is sexist, and hence, he always wanted to hand the company over to his son.

Even her wedding to Sang-hyeok was part of her grand plan to take over the company one day.

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