The Witch’s Diner Ending Explained: Manyeol’s heartbreaking secret helps Jin accept her destiny alongside Gil-yong

A still of Hee-ra in The Witch’s Diner. (Instagram/TVING)
A still of Hee-ra in The Witch’s Diner. (Instagram/TVING)
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The final installment of The Witch’s Diner was released on August 13 with which the show came to an end. The mini-series portrayed the story of a manyeol (witch) -- Jo Heer-ra (Song Ji-hyo) who granted guests at her diner their wishes. In exchange, she would name a price that they would have to pay. However, it was never money.

This manyeol in The Witch’s Diner has a secret. She moved her diner and then lured a young woman to it, and this is Jin (Nam Ji-hyun). The manyeol seemed to have followed Jin's life closely and initially it seemed as if Jin's parents had promised her to the manyeol.

The constant conversation between Manyeol and her support about how she is close to disappearing if she decided to ask for one more wish, also hinted at the manyeol being in search of a successor. However, the secret was revealed in the final episode of The Witch’s Diner and it is not what audiences would have expected.

What is Hee-ra's secret in The Witch's Diner?

In last week's episode of The Witch's Diner, Jin had found out that her boyfriend had been cheating all this while. He was a married man who also had a child. She saw him by chance when she was out to attend a wedding at the same hall where her boyfriend was celebrating his daughter's first birthday.

Of course, Jin was heartbroken in The Witch’s Diner. She believed for a moment that this happened because she had eaten the cake that was leftover from one of the diner's wishes. However, something didn't seem right and Jin's gut feeling about this was right.

Turns out Hee-ra, the manyeol who ran The Witch's Diner, had also had a similar experience in the past. She had fallen in love with a man who lied to her and in anger, she had wanted to exact revenge. However, she knew that the moment she made her wish, she would turn into a manyeol.

She took the chance anyway in The Witch’s Diner and wished for the cheating man's daughter to feel as miserable as her. However, the manyeol was not aware that this wish would make her daughter miserable too. She was pregnant when she made the wish and her daughter was the only child that the man was meant to have.

Is Jin the daughter of the manyeol in The Witch's Diner?

Hee-ra gave up on her daughter to ensure that she did not grow up to be made miserable by her biological mother's side. She ended up leaving her daughter, her biological father's wife.

Jin had always known that she was the daughter of her father but not her mother, in The Witch’s Diner.

She had overheard a conversation between her mother and her aunt. However, with everything that happened in the present, she also remembered the incident that occured in her childhood.

She had momentarily been lost and it was Hee-ra who had found her and taken her back to her mother. She also promised to be by Jin's side if she were to fall down again and Hee-ra stayed around her all this while. Jin also met her father who told her about her biological mother.

She then confronted Hee-ra in The Witch’s Diner and found out the complete truth about how the manyeol had been cheated as a young woman.

She also noticed that Hee-ra was ready to make a wish of her own but in her daughter's stead. She had wanted to wish for revenge after the man who had cheated on Jin in The Witch’s Diner and also hurt her physically.

Seeing all this, Jin decided to not let her biological mother take the fall and pay the price for revenge. So despite knowing that she would become a manyeol this time around in The Witch’s Diner if she made the wish, Jin did it anyway.

However, she decided to be smart this time around. In The Witch’s Diner, she wished that this man would always live feeling guilty and wary of his past mistakes. Yet, she prayed for his family's happiness.

However, she had also added a cup of coffee to her meal in The Witch’s Diner to ensure that if he ever repeated such a sin again, he would be tortured. He had explained her wish in detail to Gil-yong who had helped her all this time.

Gil-yong was by Jin's side from the very beginning and he also decided to stay with her as support, now that she had transformed into a witch in The Witch’s Diner.

Jin was surprised by his decision but accepted him. As for whether Gil-yong ended up with Jin, the epilogue of The Witch's Diner provided an answer for this question.

Gil-yong's mother had wished for his happiness when she had met the manyeol in the past and the manyeol had granted the wish. So, he will get his happy ending with Jin in The Witch's Diner as well.

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