“There was blood in different places”: Elliot Blair autopsy report reveals California lawyer was murdered

Elliot Blair
Elliot Blair's death raises several questions among his family and friends, (Images via H P D, @MAMichelin59 and Oxygen True Crime/Twitter)

33-year-old Californian attorney Elliot Blair was found dead at a beach resort in Mexico on January 14, 2023. An autopsy done on Blair raised further questions regarding his death. The coroner who prepared the autopsy report mentioned that "there was blood in different places."

The autopsy also ruled Elliot Blair’s death as an “aggravated homicide.” However, the Mexican police were convinced that the public attorney’s death was "accidental," as they claimed that Blair fell from the balcony of his room.

The deceased attorney’s family and friends are looking for answers regarding his death and the circumstances surrounding it. It was also found that while the entire incident happened, Elliot’s wife, Kimberly Williams, was asleep.


An autopsy report ruled the death of California attorney Elliot Blair as “aggravated homicide”

On January 14, 2023, an Orange County attorney was found dead while vacationing in Mexico with his wife to celebrate their first anniversary. The deceased was identified as 33-year-old Elliot Blair, who was a well-known public defender.

At around 1.40 am, when Kimberly woke up, she couldn't find her husband next to her. The wife claimed that she heard two voices coming from outside their room. Further mentioning that she found Elliot Blair’s sweatpants on the bed, she told news outlets:

“I know 1,000 percent he was murdered because none of this adds up. I know my husband and he would never walk outside our room in his underwear and T-shirt. The only reason he would be outside of our room only in his underwear is if he heard something or someone came to the door.”

She recalled the incident and said that one of the men yelled and said:

“Ma’am, ma’am! Is this your boyfriend?”

Kimberly reportedly ran out of her room and found Elliot Blair on the ground floor, where the right side of his face was touching the ground. The wife further claimed that when she asked the hotel staff to call the emergency services, they mentioned that they had already come and declared him dead almost an hour ago.

Police arrived shortly after, and she was questioned for hours while Elliot’s body was lying open and exposed. Kimberly mentioned that cops did not question other borders in the hostel, and they reportedly took the body out at around 5.45 am.

An autopsy revealed the presence of traces of blood in the bathroom and several places. It could be concluded that Elliot Blair was possibly injured and started bleeding before he left the room. Another possibility would be that he returns to his room after sustaining injuries. The family attorney, Case Barnett, said:

“It’s odd, confusing and we just want answers. The report stated that there was blood in different places but it’s unclear exactly which samples were taken where… and some of the samples came back as animal blood, which is super weird.”

According to the autopsy report, “reddish-brown spots” were found on the inner side of the bathroom door, along with “splash characteristics” in the same place. Similar spots were also found in the hallway, the concrete floor outside the couple’s room, and the corridor wall.

Elliot Blair’s family and friends are grieving his death while demanding answers for his mysterious death. Despite the incident being ruled as murder, Mexican authorities initially declared that it was an accident.

Reports discovered several fractures in the head along with bruises on the knees

Attorney Case Barnett addressed the presence of blood in the room and said that Kimberly did not return to her room. Moreover, she couldn’t have transferred the traces. She told investigators that Elliot Blair was drunk the previous night, given he was only six drinks down. By 11.45 pm, the couple had returned to their hotel room.

Blair’s family is now planning to conduct a second private autopsy. However, considering the Mexican law, his body was embalmed before being transferred to the US. According to preliminary findings in the second autopsy, the deceased lawyer allegedly had at least 40 fractures in the skull and also a toe injury. There was also the presence of “road rash” on his knees, which suggest that he was possibly dragged.

Elliot Blair’s family reportedly has hired private investigators to look into the death and recover more evidence. Kimberly said:

“Our goal in all of this is to get answers for Elliot. I have no idea who would do this to him, nor his family, and that’s why we are trying to get these answers.”

She further continued:

“I know in my heart, and based on the autopsy report and injuries found on him, it doesn’t make sense to be anything else but murder.”

The wife also mentioned an incident that happened when they were returning from the Splash Baja restaurant and bar at around 7 pm. They were stopped by two cops, one of whom demanded cash to let them go. She said:

“The officer asked us where we were staying and what we were doing in Rosarito. Ellio told him we were on vacation. He asked us again for cash.”

Elliot allegedly told the officers that they should take the couple to the police station and that they would properly pay the fine. The couple eventually gave $160 to the cops, after which they left. About six hours after this interaction, Kimberly found her husband dead. The family, along with Barnett, strongly believe that there are indications of foul play in Blair’s tragic demise.

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