"This guy is brutal": Fans impressed with Nicole's pageant coach for being open in The Family Chantel episode 2

Nicole and Staling from The Family Chantel (Image via TLC)
Nicole and Staling from The Family Chantel (Image via TLC)

TLC's The Family Chantel returned for another action-packed episode on Monday night. Titled No Turning Back Now, the episode featured Nicole prepping for her Miss Dominican Republic beauty pageant.

The reality TV series also introduced viewers to her pageant coach, Stalin. However, what impressed the fans the most was that the coach didn't shy away from sharing his opinion of Nicole.

Stalin, Nicole's pageant coach on The Family Chantel, is brutal and intimidating

Nicole recently revealed that she broke up with her long-time boyfriend Alejandro. Now that she was single and ready to mingle, she decided it was time she did something for herself. Thus, she decided to take part in the Miss Dominican Republic beauty pageant.

During her confessional, Nicole shared that Stalin is a runway teacher and has worked with the Miss Republic Organization. She added that he is a man with a lot of flavor, while also being intimidating. Nicole stated that he had an electric personality and asked him to help her prep for the pageant when she met him during casting.

Stalin, on the other hand, asked The Family Chantel star if she had any experience modeling and told her to walk for him. When he saw that, he told Nicole she had a lot of work to do.

During his confessional, Stalin shared that she had to start from scratch. He also added,

"In the competition there are girls more beautiful than her. So she has to work on her posture, her walk all the things she needs. Miss Dominican Republic is a difficult competition to win. Here the winner goes on to Miss Universe."

Though Stalin tried to improve Nicole's ramp walk, sadly she wasn't there yet. At one point, he told her not to lift her feet like a horse while walking.

When Nicole asked him if she was getting any better, he directly told her not to ask him that. Stalin said that if she got better, he would tell her himself.

Stalin then told Nicole that the pageant has a lot of competition. He stated that he has seen them all, and if he had to go by what he saw in Nicole, she wouldn't even end up in the Top 15. Nicole immediately stated that she's confident because she had Stalin coaching her, and he's good.

The pageant coach was quick to call her out, claiming that he's good, but she isn't. Fans who watched the episode took to social media to share that they were impressed with the way Stalin told the truth to The Family Chantel star.

Nicole's coach didn't shy away from tell her the harsh truth on The Family Chantel and fans are impressed.

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that he was brutal and that they were loving it. Some also added that it was good that he was telling her the truth.

More details on what happened this week on The Family Chantel Season 4 Episode 2

In this week's episode of The Family Chantel, Winter goes to Mexico with her mother and Chantel for her gastric sleeve surgery. Though she was scared at first, the surgery is a success and Winter is recovering well.

Meanwhile, Pedro complains to his mother, claiming that Chantel doesn't help out at home. He tells her that she doesn't cook, clean or even buy groceries. His mother tells him to give a script of how it's done in the Dominican Republic. Chantel, on the other hand, doesn't want to involve her family in her marital problems and wants to sort things out with Pedro.

The Family Chantel airs every Monday night at 8 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check the local listings for more information.

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