“This love art scene is so cringe”: RHOSLC fans slam Whitney Rose’s bedroom scene with husband

Whitney Rose from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (Image via whitneywildrose/Instagram)
Whitney Rose from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (Image via whitneywildrose/Instagram)

The finale of RHOSLC, aka The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, aired on Sunday night. Viewers enjoyed a dramatic ending to Season 2 but cringed in one of the segments involving Whitney Rose.

In the second half of RHOSLC episode 21, Rose was seen greeting her husband Justin Rose in red lingerie at their house. She then took their intimacy to their bedroom, which was also shown to the viewers.

The couple almost stripped on camera and applied paint to each other's bodies, which they called "love art." The camera stopped filming after a point but left fans shocked.

How viewers reacted to Whitney Rose’s segment

While Rose was seducing Justin before heading to their bedroom, a flashback clip of the two aired. It featured the housewife telling her husband that women also have desires and need s*x as much as men do.

Later at Lisa Barlow’s party, viewers got another glimpse of their physical intimacy. Fans found the entire segment cringeworthy and unnecessary to be a part of the finale episode.

All about RHOSLC Season 2 finale

The finale episode of RHOSLC Season 2 not only offered housewives’ drama but also featured their personal lives. While Rose was having a fun time with Justin, Meredith Marks took her family and crew to a snowy place and had a photoshoot for her jewelry brand.

Jen Shah was seen dealing with money laundering charges, Lisa Barlow was busy with party preparations and Heather Gay organized a memorial ceremony for her father.

The official synopsis of Episode 21 read:

“In the season two finale, Heather holds a Celebration of Life for her father, while Jen downsizes to pay for her mounting legal fees. Lisa throws an over-the-top 80s themed Vida Tequila party, but relationships are tested when Jennie attacks Mary for being dismissive and Meredith confronts Lisa for her actions in Zion."

It further mentions:

"Finally, the group demands Meredith tell Jen the real reason they can’t be friends, but Meredith threatens to reveal a few secrets of her own first.”

Season 2 has not ended yet as there will be three-part reunion episodes. Next Sunday, the first part of the RHOSLC reunion will air on Bravo at 9.00 PM Eastern Time (ET).

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