“This is painful”: Why are Shark Tank fans not impressed with Big Bee Little Bee founder Amy Leinbach?

Big Bee Little Bee founder Amy Leinbach appeared with daughter Marlo on Shark Tank
Big Bee Little Bee founder Amy Leinbach appeared with daughter Marlo on Shark Tank (Image via bigbee_lilbee/Instagram)

Shark Tank season 14 aired episode 5 on Friday, October 21, on ABC. Out of the four companies that were featured in the latest episode, one was Big Bee Little Bee, founded by Amy Leinbach.

Amy appeared on Shark Tank along with her business partner, her seven-and-a-half-year-old daughter Marlo. The mother-daughter duo gave a presentation on the Big Bee Little Bee product, Marker Parker Coloring Organizer.

Things went downhill when she started showing various other products created and sold by her company. Apparently, she loves to invent creative items and teaches her daughter the same. Amy confessed on the show that Marker Parker Coloring Organizer was her daughter’s invention.

Despite the pitch being a good one, the sharks were not satisfied with the company’s sales. Viewers, too, found Amy trying to sell too many products without perfecting and focusing on just one.

Yeah, she needs to focus on ONE product instead of 5 or 6. This is painful. #SharkTank

Fans react to Amy Leinbach’s pitch on Big Bee Little Bee products

Amy Leinbach and her daughter initially presented the Marker Parker Coloring Organizer to Shark Tanks' investors/sharks in hopes of striking a deal.

She then told them that she had invented other creative products too. When asked what her hero product was, Amy mentioned a silicone scrubber. However, she didn’t have major numbers to back up her answer. Sharks felt that she was not concentrating on perfecting one product, and was instead inventing new ones without making a profit.

Fans, too, agreed with the reasons offered by the investors for not giving Amy Leinbach a deal. Many also thought that Amy’s tears on the show were not real. Some added that she shouldn’t have brought a 7.5-year-old on the show to manipulate the sharks.

Take a look at fans’ reaction:

The little girl was cute .. but the Mom didn’t seem genuine and the tears seemed phony.. Yeah I said what I said .. #SharkTank
Focus is so important in business. You can’t solve problems by creating new ones. #SharkTank
#SharkTank I felt this direction was where the sharks were going. Way too many directions, with no one perfection. I love the 7 1/2 year old salesperson.
They definitely have inventor-itis. Perfect 1 product, instead of 5 or 6. #SharkTank
This lady is jumping into too many inventions. She needs to be the voice of reason for her child. She has to teach her how to see something to total completion/success. Choose a goal and finish. @ABCSharkTank #SharkTank
Ehh. I’d feel weird about saying no to a kid. Seems manipulative to bring her. #SharkTank
Which product are they trying to sell to the sharks? All of them or just the marker holder? #SharkTank
@end_table I think they drag the kids along so it’s not easy to deny the funding. What is this anyway?
I don't understand the need for this, I'm out. #SharkTank

In Shark Tank season 14 episode 5, the panel of sharks included Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, and Lori Greiner. The fifth shark was guest shark Emma Grede.

Amy Leinbach’s Big Bee Little Bee on Shark Tank

Amy Leinbach and her daughter Marlo appeared in Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 5 to showcase her business, Big Bee Little Bee. The company sells several creative products, especially for kids. The founder came into the tank with an offer of $1,00,000 for 20% stake in the company.

Their presentation was on their recently launched product Marker Parker Coloring Organizer. Apparently, the product was invented by Amy's daughter Marlo. Amy, who had already been running the company for over six years, decided to sell Marlo’s invention.

While the sharks liked the mother-daughter duo’s adorable business pitch, they were not impressed with the numbers. Amy mentioned that she didn’t have much profit in the business due to supply chain difficulty. Plus, she had invested around $1,00,000 of her own money to create Marlo’s idea. The sales figure for her current year stood at $1,10,000.

The pitch was going well until Amy started showing other products her company sells. This led to the sharks feeling that Amy wasn't focused on one product’s success, and instead invests more in making new products. When she stated that she has the “fear of numbers,” Kevin opted out, saying that he doesn’t want to do business with someone who was afraid to work with numbers.

Mark pointed out that Amy has “inventor-itis,” implying that she would rather invent more products than focus on one and make a profit. For this reason, Mark was out as well.

Lori and Emma gave similar reasons for not making a deal, saying that the founder had overextended due to multiple inventions and no profit. Robert, on the other hand, mentioned that he has 4-year-old twins and would have loved to invest in her company, but he changed his mind after Amy started showing her other products.

While all the sharks appreciated Amy’s work, especially the way she was teaching her daughter about business, they were not convinced enough to want to invest in the business. Thus, Amy Leinbach’s Big Bee Little Bee didn’t get any deal on Shark Tank.

Viewers can watch a new episode of Shark Tank Season 14 every Friday on ABC at 8 pm ET.

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