Today’s Final Jeopardy! answer: Friday, January 20, 2023

A still from Jeopardy! (Image via @Jeopardy/Instagram)
A still from Jeopardy! (Image via @Jeopardy/Instagram)

Jeopardy! is set to return with the new champion Troy Meyer in the latest episode slated to air on January 20, 2023. This season of the popular game show has been unlike the previous one, which featured some great players such as Mattea Rach, Amy Schneider, and Matt Amodio, among many others. So far, the 39th season has only seen Ray Lalonde and Cris Pannullo completely dominating the scenario.

The upcoming episode will see Troy Meyer facing off against Eric Kerr-Heraly and Mark Fabros. By now, most fans must be hoping to see another participant pull off a stunning streak. Troy Meyer could become one of them, starting his first game with great panache and earning a fair $27,600.

Considered one of the most popular game shows across the globe, Jeopardy! started out in the early 1960s and has since continued to evolve the offbeat format of this trivia-based game show to meet viewer's demands. Besides that, the final round of the show is yet another primary reason for the show's soaring popularity.

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The final round of the game show has plenty of things that make it interesting for Jeopardy! fans. Most importantly, it allows viewers to participate from their homes by guessing the correct answer to the final question ahead of the episode's air time. However, this can often be a cumbersome procedure. That's where we come in, providing the relevant details from the upcoming final round, which also includes the answer to the final question.

January 20, 2023, Friday: Today's Final Jeopardy! question

The final question from the upcoming round of the show reads:

"Mike Post combined the sound of a slamming jail door, an anvil & 100 men stomping on a floor for this series that debuted in 1990."

This question is from the category "Television," which is an interesting category to jump into.

Jeopardy! final solution - Friday, January 20, 2023

The clue and solution to the upcoming round's final question read as follows:

Clue: Mike Post combined the sound of a slamming jail door, an anvil & 100 men stomping on a floor for this series that debuted in 1990.

Solution: Law & Order.

As one of the biggest television franchises in the history of television, Law & Order is still going strong across several television networks. Mike Post created the famous theme song for Law & Order.

Jeopardy! contestants today - Friday, January 20, 2023

Don't lose your head over this Final #Jeopardy! clue:

The three contestants for the upcoming round of the show are Troy Meyer, a music executive from Tampa, Florida, Eric Kerr-Heraly, a teacher & school administrator from Houston, Texas, and Mark Fabros, a strategy consultant from New York, New York.

Catch them in action in the upcoming round of Jeopardy!

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