Tones of Melanin on Shark Tank: Cost, product and where to buy the clothing line

Ashley Jones and Tones of Melanin on Shark Tank season 14
Ashley Jones and Tones of Melanin on Shark Tank season 14 (Image via ABC/Christopher Willard)

Shark Tank season 14 is set to return with a brand new episode this week. The upcoming segment will be the last of the lot before the show returns for another season later on.

During the final segment of season 14, one of the companies that will grace the center stage is Tones of Melanin, a clothing line with a mission to represent historically Black colleges and universities.

Ashley Jones created the apparel line to bring awareness to HBCUs and has licensing deals with every HBCU and black fraternity and sorority.

Tune in on Friday, May 19, at 8 pm ET to watch the season finale of Shark Tank season 14 on ABC.

Shark Tank season 14: Tones of Melanin was started by a Norfolk State University student

One of the brands set to appear in the season finale of Shark Tank season 14 is Tones of Melanin. The brand is a revenue-generating tool and was started by Ashley Jones in 2017 while she was a student at Norfolk State University.

The brand aims to provide career opportunities to students of Historical Black Colleges and Universities. With the upcoming Shark Tank season 14 brand, its owner, Ashley wanted to push for diversity representation in the fashion industry along with infiltrating a collegiate fashion market that involves bigger and well-known educational establishments such as Duke, Harvard, Yale, and others.

HBCULifestyle states about Tones of Melanin:

"Ashley’s recurring objective is for Tones of Melanin to be the home of all HBCU fashion, collegiate relationships through university athletics, and individual college pursuits, thanks to her continuing partnerships with not only her retail relationships but also HBCUs like Virginia State University’s band, which she currently provides attire for and other HBCUs."

The clothing brand sells tops, bottoms, and outerwear. Their bottom section has a wide range of pants and shorts, such as board shorts ($60), jogger shorts ($48.99), track pants ($30), jogging pants ($59.99), and reversible basketball shorts ($90).

Interested buyers who want to purchase tops from the Shark Tank season 14’s Tones of Melanin can find long sleeve shirts ($40), t-shirts ($23.99), hoodies ($45.99), and sweatshirts ($34.99). The Outerwear line includes puffer jackets ($95), split breaker ($485), and more.

The products can be purchased through the official website or at Nordstrom, Montebello, Bayshore Shopping Centre, and more.

Meet the founder

The Shark Tank founder is a graduate of Norfolk State University where she earned a bachelor’s of science degree in business administration and management. Post her time at the university, she worked at the establishment itself as a graduate research assistant for almost a year while also working part-time at her design studio Ashley Designs. She also had another business, BBUB Greek Gifts, before launching Tones of Melanin in January 2017.

Ashley believes in giving back to society and has been actively involved in social work since 2012. She worked with children and young adults as an adaptive learning assistant at Virginia Beach City Public School and was also on the Council on Inclusion and Diversity Board Member of the United Way of South Hampton Roads.

Shark Tank season 14 will air its season finale on ABC. Stay tuned for more updates!

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