“Too dumb to be alive”: Tory Lanez Roc Nation beef explored as internet slams rapper's father over Jay-Z insinuation 

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez's father accused Roc Nation and Jay Z over son's conviction (Image via Getty Images and JoannJenkins17/Twitter)

Tory Lanez’s father Sonstar Peterson and his stepmother was escorted out of the courtroom for their protest after the former was declared guilty in the 2020 shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion.

Following the verdict, Lanez’s father jumped from the front row and called out the prosecutors for convicting his son, saying:

“This wicked system! You two, you are wicked, you are evil.”

Peterson continued his tirade outside the courthouse and accused Jay-Z and Roc Nation of being involved in Lanez’s conviction. In a video obtained by The Shade Room, he could be heard calling out the alleged injustice against his son, saying:

“I just stood here in this Los Angeles and witnessed the worst miscarriage of justice that this world has ever seen. You want to know how I feel, I’ll tell you exactly how I feel.”

Lanez’s father blamed Stallion’s attorney Alex Spiro, Roc Nation COO Desiree Perez, Jay-Z, and “the whole wicked system of Roc Nation” over his son being found guilty. He also noted that Stallion is signed to Roc Nation.

He further claimed that certain witnesses had connections with the prosecutors and alleged that several pieces of evidence were left out during the trial:

“I have seen so much evidence buried in this. And I know exactly what the public out here will say. You will say that I say this because I am a father… I am a father of my kids, but a spiritual father to many and I don't make stupid allegations because I've got nothing better to do.”

The man also directly addressed Jay-Z and hinted that the record producer plotted against Tory Lanez alongside Roc Nation:

“Jay-Z, let me speak to you. Because my son refused to sign a Roc Nation deal with you. And Desiree Perez you wicked witch, you snitch.”

Another woman from Lanez’s support group also screamed, “Roc nation tried to mess with my brother’s reputation.”

Peterson also mentioned that the case is “not over”:

“It’s not over, god does not lose… This court system is not for justice. It’s about wins and losses.”

As the claims made by Tory Lanez’s father surfaced online, several social media users called out the man for his response to the rapper’s conviction.

One Twitter user wrote that people who believe Roc Nation and Jay-Z framed Tory Lanez instead of believing the latter shot Megan Thee Stallion, are “too dumb to be alive”:

On Friday, Tory Lanez was found guilty of all three counts for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot. The incident took place in an alleged drunken brawl after a party at Kylie Jenner’s Los Angeles home in July 2020.

Tory Lanez claims Roc Nation tried to silence him over Megan Thee Stallion shooting incident

Long before Tory Lanez’s father publicly accused management label Roc Nation of playing a part in his son’s conviction, the rapper himself accused the company of “silencing him.”

When Lanez publicly addressed the Megan Thee Stallion shooting incident in 2020, he appeared on a livestream and claimed Roc Nation tried to “silence” him.


The rapper’s assistant @/WrittenByRay also took to Twitter to blame the company on multiple occasions and alleged that Stallion’s team tried to frame Lanez as the “bad guy.”

In a September 25, 2020, Ray Written claimed:

“I'm literally crying, Her PR team can't be Serious.. Jay-z Hire a new PR team please.”

He even alleged that Roc Nation was “working hard” to publish blogs and articles against Lanez.

Netizens call out Tory Lanez’s father over Roc Nation and Jay-Z claims

Tory Lanez’s father slammed online over Roc Nation and Jay-Z claims (Image via Getty Images)
Tory Lanez’s father slammed online over Roc Nation and Jay-Z claims (Image via Getty Images)

In the wake of Tory Lanez’s conviction over shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot, the former’s father Sonstar Peterson claimed that Roc Nation and Jay-Z frame his son and played a role in his conviction.

As Peterson’s furious rant went viral online, several social media users called him out for blaming others over his son’s actions:

Lanez was immediately taken into custody following the verdict and will likely be deported to Canada as he has a Canadian citizenship. The rapper can reportedly face up to 22 years and eight months in prison following the hearing for his sentence on January 27, 2023.

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