Top 5 attackers in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO attackers are vital (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pokemon GO attackers are vital (Image via Sportskeeda)

When it comes to attackers in Pokemon GO, those with a high DPS rating are preferred.

But DPS isn't the only criterion that trainers need to check while compiling their lists of best attackers in Pokemon GO. The IV of a Pokemon and its stats are factors as well.

Preferably, a Pokemon that shows the red badge and three stars in an appraisal is worth leveling up with stardust and should be evolved. If there's a Pokemon with a lower rating, then it's best left as it is.

Although trainers prefer a team comprising legendaries like Kyogre and Groudon, their double weakness to a few specific types doesn't really make them the best fits for attacking in Pokemon GO.

Five best attackers in Pokemon GO

#1 - Shadow Mewtwo


The Shadow Mewtwo is perhaps the most powerful Pokemon in the game. It knows two legacy attacks and is strong against many Pokemon types in Pokemon GO.

Being in its shadow form, the Mewtwo has its defenses lowered, but its DPS is boosted by 20%, making it a potent Pokemon in combat.

#2 - Shadow Metagross


Shadow Metagross is another strong attacker in Pokemon GO. The best part about it is that it's bulky and can stand its ground in any battle.

Certain Metagross know the move, Meteor Mash, which is probably the best Steel-type legacy move in the game. Like every shadow Pokemon, the Metagross has a 20% higher DPS than it's standard version.

#3 - Shadow Salamence


If trainers get their hands on a Shadow Bagon with a 3 star IV, then it's best to evolve it into a Shadow Salamence.

This Dragon-type Pokemon is an excellent attacker and has higher DPS than the regular Mewtwo.

#4 - Machamp


Machamp is what most gamers would describe as a glass cannon. It has a really high damage output, but it's slightly lower on its defenses.

However, most good defenders are weak to Fighting-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO. So that automatically makes Machamp a good option.

#5 - Lucario


Lucario is another strong attacker in Pokemon GO. Though it's slightly weaker than the Machamp, it's got a nice move called Power Up Punch, enhancing its attack stat by one with every passing stage.

This makes Lucario a wonderful attacker.

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