Top 5 K-Pop albums of 2021

Top 5 K-Pop Albums of 2021. (Image via Instagram and Twitter/@aespa_official/@nct_dream/@jungmintv/@Stray_Kids)
Top 5 K-Pop Albums of 2021. (Image via Instagram and Twitter/@aespa_official/@nct_dream/@jungmintv/@Stray_Kids)

Music can't be defined by a single sound or message, and K-Pop took the music industry to whole new heights with its unique beats, costumes, and choreography.

The year 2021 had an array of musicians creating new music for listeners spread across the globe from genres like jazz to rock and much more. K-pop in itself encompasses a spectrum of musical and visual elements.

The pandemic created a feeling of uncertainty while putting a pause on life. Many of the year's outstanding K-Pop tracks provide a sense of calmness and comfort. Each song was tailored to give listeners the ultimate experience while molding an artist's identity and popularity.

Here are the top 5 picks of K-Pop albums of the year 2021.

Take a look at the K-Pop Albums of 2021

5) Hello Future by NCT Dream

Sharing the message of the group's friendship, bonds, and being brothers, this K-pop group has had a successful year. Hello future - the repackaged counterpart to Hot Sauce - is a journey that signifies the group. Together, they venture on a magical journey to find their young adult selves but preserving their youth. Their songs have that bounce, warmth, and familiarity with hip-hop and trap beats and catchy seconds.


4) Stereotype by STAYC

STAYC was the most pleasantly surprising rookie group. The all-girl group debuted under High Up Entertainment in 2020. With viral hits like So Bad and ASAP, the K-pASAP girl band has paved its way into the hearts of all K-pop fans and music enthusiasts. Stereotype is a refreshingly sweet album while making an effort to stand out in an ocean of bubblegum-pop tracks. The members' distinct voices and talents make the album a must-hear.


3) NOEASY by Stray Kids

This K-Pop boy band is known for their bombastic and hard-hitting rap verses. The album is made for those who criticize their music for being too loud. The group word played around with the word - noisy, thus creating a stance that they are at no point going to lower their voices; instead, they intend to bolster up a notch. Here's a track from the album amplifying their stance:


2) Savage by Aespa

Adding melodies and vocals to the album is a whirlwind of twists and turns. The group had earlier released three singles that made fans want more. The album Savage has a combination of hyper-pop, trap, and dubstep. As soon as one track ends, another completely different melody takes over and makes you wonder from where to where you've ended up. The album itself establishes what kind of record it will be in the first two tracks.


1) Don't Die Colors by Thama

You might not have heard about this artist amongst mainstream K-Pop groups and idols. This singer/songwriter has been in the industry and game for quite a while. From writing songs for groups like NCT 127, dynamic duo, EXO, and more, this multi-talented creator has been busy creating his own singles and EP centered around R&B and hip-hop.


It's been quite an eventful year with new music rising for a whole new generation of listeners. It is hard to keep up as music is ever-evolving, but each artist brings a new twist and beat to their album or hit single, thus connecting individuals through the language of music.

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