Top 5 Ships in Boruto that make no sense

Hinata, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura in couples (Image via Pinterest/ @Shinobu)
Hinata, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura in couples (Image via Pinterest/ @Shinobu)

There is no question that adding love interests into Boruto would make it better. It gives the characters more depth and allows the audience to have something to root for.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is no exception to this rule. Being the successor to Naruto, many of the relationships introduced to Boruto are the mature form of the ones in Naruto. Matter of fact, Naruto himself had a wife (Hinata) and child (Boruto) in the series.

While this consistency gives the Naruto fans a feeling of nostalgia while watching its predecessor, some of these relationships just make no sense. Whether they are new relationships, they were never alluded to in the parent series, many believe these couples should not have been created. No matter the reasoning, the following list covers couples in Boruto that just seem absurd.

On that note, let's have a look at the top 5 Ships in Boruto that make no sense.

5) Choji and Kauri

The pair started off strongly in Naruto. Choji was self-conscious but polite and caring while Kauri was often hot-headed but cared about the people she loved. They seemed like an unexpected but good pair, however, the series did not develop their connection any further. The simple lack of progression left some fans shocked to find out that they parent a daughter named ChoCho in Boruto.


Although they are kind, doting, laid-back parents, who have an interesting perspective on ninja training, their relationship feels forced to some. It is fair to assume that a married couple would have had an established relationship or at least interacted numerous times in Naruto, but with this pair that was not the case.

Rather than having the characters end up with someone, they had an established relationship with or just leave them single, the series awkwardly puts them together for the sake of having ChoCho be born, to progression of Boruto. Which is bizarre, to say the least.

4) Kiba and Tamaki

The characters Kiba and Tamaki made their debut in Naruto. Kiba was one of the original nine ninjas of Naruto's main cast. He and his dog Akamaru were a formidable duo, well-loved by fans. Tamaki, on the other hand, was a background character for the majority of the series, who worked in a shop in an abandoned village with her grandmother.

That was until she moved to Konoha with her cats. They met in Konoha and were infatuated with each other. By the time Boruto came around, they were living together with many animals.

This revelation itself is somewhat comical because cats and dogs are notoriously known to not live harmoniously. Beyond that, Kiba was well known to have been a player in Naruto. Which makes it kind of strange that he would want to be in a relationship in Boruto.

He never really expressed any serious interest in a relationship, which made the pair seem to have a forced happy ending. He would have been better off as a bachelor. It also would have been more interesting to see that a relationship is not needed for a character to be happy.

3) Sumire and Magire

The Naruto series has never been good at portraying unrequited love. This is evident through watching Sakura, Naruto himself, and many other admirers that were intense, overbearing and simply just uncomfortable.

This unfortunate theme continues into Boruto. Sumire is a complex and fascinating character while Magire is downright creepy. He shows his affection for Sumire by stalking her. He left her creepy notes and even attacked her friends. Granted, the latter happened under possession, but that does not take away from the discomfort he radiates.


Despite all the other unrequited love relationships in Naruto, Magire’s feelings for Sumire take the cake. Magire is meant to fit into the “nice guy” trope. However, this one-sided relationship has been botched and does nothing to develop Sumire at all. While generally well-meaning, his pursuits were all done the wrong way, making other characters - not to mention the Boruto fandom - uncomfortable.

2) Orochimaru and Science

Not being one for romantic relationships, Orochimaru’s adoration and devotion to science and his experiments are as close to true love as he will ever get. Even though he may have hurt others in the past, his one redeeming factor is the gem he gave to Boruto. His synthetic son, Mitsuki. He is delightful, well-meaning, strong, and an all-around good character.

Orochimaru’s relationship with science is, of course, a double-edged sword. While it created Mitsuki, it also causes a lot of trouble. Without it, maybe one of his experiments (Shin Uchiha) might not have casually tried to kidnap Sarada. Also, Sasuke may have been less of a strange, distant, husband and father. Despite Orochimaru being far better than his Sound Village days, he will never be good.

He created the great ninja, his son, but he also created far more roadblocks that the young ninjas would not have otherwise had to face. This alone shows that for every good, he will inevitably cause just as much - if not more - damage.

1) Sasuke and Sakura

Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship has been a major presence in the series from day one. Admittedly, watching Sakura’s obsessive crush grow into a genuine romance, birthing a child (Sadara) and marriage is a major redeeming factor for some.

The majority of Naruto showed Sakura struggling to reconcile her feelings for Sasuke. Sasuke himself struggled with his commitment to justified vengeance against the Hidden Leaf Village, whilst thinking of his friends enduring love for him.


However, this and the birth of one of the best Boruto characters is where the good things stop. Sasuke is never around. Sakura is completely at the mercy of all her husband’s decisions. Sadara is confused and conflicted by the lack of affection and her parent’s near-constant separation.

Their relationship, bordering on toxic, seems to bring nothing more than hardship and suffering. The only good thing coming out of it appears to be Sadara. Whilst the couple’s relationship is one that has been built from Naruto, it just does not quite work, as their time in Boruto shows how much they do not fit.

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Edited by Prem Deshpande
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