Top 5 creations of pastry chef Amaury Guichon ahead of ‘School of Chocolate’ premiere

'School of Chocolate' host Amaury Guichon (Image via amauryguichon/ Instagram)
'School of Chocolate' host Amaury Guichon (Image via amauryguichon/ Instagram)
Sushmita Sen

Netflix is launching School of Chocolate, a new baking competition series, on November 26. It will be hosted by world-famous pastry chef Amaury Guichon, who is known for creating masterpieces.

From Demogorgon to huge vintage clocks, Guichon can make any type/shape of cake, and his incredible talent makes him one of the most versatile chefs in the whole world.

He has his own academy where he teaches the techniques of creating his kind of art. Guichon will do the same thing on School of Chocolate. He will teach eight contestants the skills and specifics of how to bake giant cakes and bring creativity to them.

On that note, let’s have a look at Guichon’s creativity in making the craziest yet the best cakes in the world.

5 of Amaury Guichon’s craziest creations

5) The Chocolate Telescope

If anyone wants a telescope for dessert, Guichon is your guy. He literally made a 5ft tall telescope with chocolate. The cake looked like a real telescope which appeared taller than the chef in the picture.

He posed with his art of work that had a mix of golden and dark brown shades.

Explaining about this creation, his Instagram caption read:

“So much details and techniques went into this 5ft tall chocolate creation.”

4) The Elephant

Guichon’s chocolate elephant is not just one of his crazy creations but also, an adorable one. Apparently, it took him four days to create this masterpiece which is 6ft tall. It is composed of dark chocolate and milk.

Guichon made the gigantic 200Lb chocolate elephant as the 2020 Christmas giveaway during one of his masterclasses at his Pastry Academy.

3) Robot Chef

Chocolate Robot Chef is something one can say is beyond imagination. This is also one of his creations that took four days during his masterclass. Guichon likes to call the robot chef his “new helper in the kitchen” and mentioned that he had “a blast making the whisk.”

Every tiny detail the School of Chocolate host has put into making Robot Chef is commendable.

2) Statue of Liberty

Guichon created a chocolate Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July this year. It was 7ft taller and weighed 115lbs, making it one of his highest creations.

Speaking about the showpiece, Guichon said,

“This new chocolate creation is very dear to me! I came to the US 8 years ago and finally became a citizen recently, it was really important for me to mark the occasion on this special holiday using a powerful symbol offered by the French to the United States as a gift of friendship.”

To note, Guichon grew up in France and started his career in the US in 2013.

1) Sea Dragon

Guichon’s chocolate Sea Dragon is a visual treat. It is 7ft long and weighs 90lbs. What makes it interesting is that the showpiece is made with three modular elements.

The School of Chocolate star chef mentioned in the caption that it creates a “different feeling each time you move them."

When will ‘School of Chocolate’ air?


School of Chocolate is all set to air on Friday, November 26, on Netflix. It will star Guichon as a host, teacher as well as judge, and critic of the competition series.

The official synopsis of School of Chocolate reads:

“World-renowned chocolatier Amaury Guichon mentors eight top talents hoping to take their work to the next level. Only one will win a career-changing opportunity.”

As per the show’s format, School of Chocolate contestants will be judged based on their grades given by Guichon. Interestingly, nobody will be kicked out or eliminated from the show.

Instead, if anyone fails to perform well, the individual will be asked not to participate in the next challenge in School of Chocolate. During that time, the individual will be given tasks to improve any weak skills.

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