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Twitter wants George Lopez on Netflix instead of iCarly

Image via George Lopez & iCarly
Image via George Lopez & iCarly
Modified 22 Feb 2021

Comedian George Lopez is on everyone's mind as Twitter users kept requesting that Netflix acquire rights to the George Lopez Show instead of the last four seasons of iCarly.

Recently, Netflix added two seasons of iCarly to its catalog. That has not satisfied Twitter users, who feel the spot could be better filled with Lopez's show.

Several tweets are now requesting Netflix for the George Lopez Show to be picked up. Many have pointed out that four seasons of the Lopez show can be found on Peacock, even though Peacock is not as popular as Netflix. There are many streaming services today, but none that can match Netflix's user base.

Netflix has done a good job of securing the rights to air popular shows and gaining many watchers. The Office and Friends show boosted viewership on Netflix when they were on its network. If the streaming service felt that the company would benefit from the show, they would undoubtedly acquire it.

Netflix hasn't replied to people's requests about the Lopez show. But if more inquiries come in, that might change.

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George Lopez is in a better position than iCarly to be picked up in its entirety.

The George Lopez Show and iCarly aired for six seasons, but the former was syndicated. Syndication allows a show to be aired on multiple networks instead of the one that made it. This makes Netflix's acquisition of The George Lopez Show easier than acquiring all six seasons of iCarly.

Syndication allowed Nick At Nick to acquire rights to air the show from ABC. The show became a staple of Nick at Nite, from where many users seem to remember it.

Any other network, including Netflix, can still air The George Lopez Show without all of the trouble they would normally go through with a non syndicated show.

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Published 22 Feb 2021, 20:17 IST
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