Uncoupled ending: Did Colin and Michael get back together?

A still from Uncoupled (Image via Netflix)
A still from Uncoupled (Image via Netflix)

Netflix's latest series, Uncoupled, premiered on July 29, 2022, bringing forth a story of two gay men dealing with a breakup in their mid-40s. The eight-episode series stars Neil Patrick Harris in the role of Michael, an estate agent left heartbroken after his boyfriend of 17 years decides to leave him.

The light-hearted show aptly examines the ups and downs of modern-day dating and the struggles of someone trying to get back in the "game."

While the story progresses with a quirky and fun vibe, there is a remarkably sour treatment of Harris' character, that seems unable to cope with the loss or show it to the world. The entire show takes you around his journey as Michael finally reaches acceptance in the finale. But this is interrupted by another abrupt twist that does not entirely resolve at the last minute.

Read on to find out what happens at the end of Uncoupled and what it means.

Uncoupled ending: Two sets of twists paving the way for something new

Uncoupled ends with two sets of twists after almost wrapping the season off by showing how every character has made peace with their present condition.

The finale heavily focuses on the anticipated (read: dreaded, for Michael) wedding of the Jonathans. After Michael manages to cover up a massive bruise on his face with the help of Suzanne (Trisha Campbell), the estate agent reluctantly goes to the wedding in hopes of running into his ex-boyfriend of 17 years, Colin (Tuc Watkins), and his new love.

They do run into each other, and Michael eventually finds out that Colin is not dating anyone, and the guy he saw on Colin's social media was someone he went out with a few times. Though this brings him some relief, he still slowly navigates his way into acceptance. He also slowly asks if Colin is willing to sell his half of the apartment to Michael.

After a series of rather funny wedding shenanigans, including a speech by a tipsy groom's mother, Colin and Michael finally have a dance. This seems like the part where Michael finally accepts Colin's decision to move on and decides to move on himself.

However, their story does not end there. After almost every other character (except Suzanne) reaches some conclusion, Michael arrives at his apartment to find Colin waiting. Colin says he has made a big mistake, perhaps implying their breakup. The show ends at this point without explicitly revealing if the two get back together.

Of course, this would be very difficult for Michael, but he may as well get back with the man he loved so dearly. We have to wait for another season to find out.

Suzanne's story is also left midway after she reaches the place where the supposed father of her son should be waiting. Earlier in the episode, her son reveals that he had contacted his birth father and intends to meet him. But he later changed his mind.

The final shot showed a surprised Suzanne watching someone inside the restaurant. It is likely someone we know but will have to wait for the next season to find out.

All eight episodes of Uncoupled are now streaming on Netflix.

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