Under the Influence: How to watch Casey Neistat's documentary on David Dobrik

Documentary on David Dobrik set to release on March 12 (Image via SXSW)
Documentary on David Dobrik set to release on March 12 (Image via SXSW)

In February, YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat announced that he would be releasing a documentary on fellow content creator David Dobrik. The same is set to release this month. The documentary is titled Under the Influence and is 100 minutes long. It is directed by Neistat with Mark Monroe as the screenwriter, executive producer, and actor.

Over the past year, David Dobrik has been at the center of several controversies on the video sharing platform. He was involved in his friend Jeff Wittek’s traumatic eye injury and a former Vlog Squad member was also embroiled in s*xual assault allegations. The documentary’s synopsis read:

“In the real world, these kinds of actions have life-changing consequences but in the gold rush ecosystem of social media influence, the audience decides who succeeds, and who gets banished forever.”

Though the documentary is being released this year, it has been in the making for years. David Dobrik and Casey Neistat were seen together in Slovakia in 2019, filming the early years of Dobrik’s life.


Where to watch the documentary on David Dobrik?

The Under the Influence documentary will premiere at the SXSW festival on March 12 at 6:45 pm. It is being held at the Austin Convention Center. An online screening of the same will be held worldwide the following day. However, one must secure an RSVP to watch the documentary at 9:00 am CT on the SXSW TV app.

The RSVP to watch the documentary is available to Platinum, Film, Music, Interactive Badgeholders and SXSW Online Pass holders alone. Separate tickets will not be available for the online screening on March 13.

In person SXSW badges are to start from $1395, and online badges are priced at $489.

To find the RSVP section, one must visit the SXSW Schedule page and click on the “RSVP” button on the top righthand side of the page. If there are online seats available, one can click on the green slot button to claim a ticket.

After clicking on the green button, customers can view the “You’ve RSVP’ed” confirmation.

If RSVPs to watch the documentary are unavailable, one will be waitlisted. One will get an email with an RSVP confirmation if they are moved off the waitlist.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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