'Vicky and her Mystery' takeaway: Netflix film talks about meaningful connections and family

Still from Netflix's Vicky and her Mystery (Image via Netflix)
Still from Netflix's Vicky and her Mystery (Image via Netflix)

Netflix dropped yet another heartfelt film, Vicky and her Mystery, right before the end of 2021, and it is a must-watch for every animal lover.

Directed by Denis Imbert, Vicky and her Mystery sheds light on the importance of family, gratitude, and the sense of belongingness. These themes are explored through Victoria and her pet wolf Mystère, as they face the ups and downs together.


Takeaways from Netflix's 'Vicky and her Mystery'


Vicky and her Mystery had its theatrical release in February, and the official Netflix trailer dropped last month. The film stars Vincent Elbaz, Shanna Keil, Marie Gillain, Eric Elmosnino, Tchéky Karyo, Eric Savin, Romain Lancry, and Vincent Deniard, amongst several others.

Vicky and her Mystery is quite a heart-warming film about the strong bond between humans and animals. It's time to jump into the takeaways from it and learn more about them.

A meaningful connection can change lives

Vicky and her Mystery teaches viewers how one small connection can change a person's life, sometimes an animal's too. Victoria, who went mute after her mother's death, found herself happy again after she met Mystère. She forgot about all the pain and suffering she felt as a young girl without a mother, and finally started engaging with her father.

As for Mystère, meeting Victoria changed his life as he, too, had lost his mother. Being a little puppy, he needed someone to look after him since he had lost his way to his wolf pack and being in the woods by himself was dangerous. An act of kindness from Victoria got Mystère a forever family amongst humans and also helped him save his wolf pack from further attacks.

The opening scene of Vicky and her Mystery showed the parallel between both their lives, hinting at how similar they were and how badly they needed each other. A simple yet meaningful connection between the two changed their lives for good.

Home is where family is

Although Mystère found his family in Victoria and Stéphane in Vicky and her Mystery, it was still important for him to return to his kind. The decision was not just difficult for Victoria but also for Stéphane as he wanted his daughter to stay happy and cheery. But, even Victoria realized that Mystère did not belong with them and how he needed to be with his wolf pack, especially with his mother who came looking for him.

Mystère being a wolf, is bound not to want to leave the comfort of his adoptive family, but his nature would not allow him to stay. Besides being a wolf, he is an animal who shares an unbreakable bond with Victoria, the kind he will never forget. Victoria will always be his home, his family.

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Catch the heartfelt film Vicky and her Mystery, now streaming on Netflix.

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