Vincenzo Episode 19 and 20: When and where to watch, what to expect, and all about Song Joong-ki drama's final run

Song Joong-ki, Jeon Yeo-been, and Ok Taec-yeon in Vincenzo (Image via tvN/Netflix)
Song Joong-ki, Jeon Yeo-been, and Ok Taec-yeon in Vincenzo (Image via tvN/Netflix)
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Vincenzo is almost at its close with two episodes left that will air shortly. The Korean drama returned after a brief hiatus with Episodes 17 and 18 over the past weekend and featured some major developments.

Vincenzo features the titular character Vincenzo Cassano, aka Park Joo-hyung (Song Joong-ki), an Italian mob consigliere of South Korean descent who returns to South Korea to access a late Chinese mobster's hidden gold in Geumga Plaza.

However, his plans hit a roadblock when the building is forcefully purchased by Babel Corporation, headed by Jang Han-seok (Ok Taec-yeon), who was working behind the scenes with his half-brother Jang Han-seo (Kwak Dong-yeon) as a puppet chairman.

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Vincenzo teams up with former Woosang Law Firm lawyer Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-been) and the residents of Geumga Plaza to beat Babel Corporation and secure the building. Also, Hong Cha-young's father was killed on the orders of prosecutor-turned-lawyer Choi Myung-hee (Kim Yeo-jin) at Woosang Law Firm.

As the final two episodes are set to air over the coming weekend, read on to learn more about what viewers can expect and when to catch them.

When and where to watch Vincenzo Episodes 19 and 20?

Vincenzo Episode 19 will air on Saturday, May 1 at 9 PM Korean Standard Time on tvN in South Korea and will be released on Netflix at 11 AM ET. Also, the finale, Episode 20, will be released on Sunday, May 2.

What happened previously?

When Vincenzo returned from a brief hiatus this week, the titular character had gone seeking vengeance for the murder of his birth mother. However, in true Vincenzo fashion, the former consigliere played a game of chess with Jang Han-seok.

Viewers learned that Jang Han-seo is now working with Vincenzo and even considers his former enemy more than a brother than Jang Han-seok, who had regularly abused him. Jang Han-seo also warned Vincenzo about Han Seung-hyuk's (Jo Han-chul) plan to get Interpol to arrest him.

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Vincenzo then threatened Han Seung-hyuk to get Jang Han-seok arrested, and with evidence of a paper company, the Babel Corporation head will be in prison for at least a month.

Vincenzo then leaves for Italy when an Italian mobster from the Cassano family loyal to him comes for help.

In Episode 18, Director Kim (Yoo Tae-woong) kidnaps Cho Young-woon (Choi Young-joon) to find the hacker who built the security system for the underground safe at Geumga Plaza, Seo Mi-ri (Kim Yoon-hye) and opens it. However, Director Kim sees that it is empty and sets his goons on Seo Mi-ri.

When Hong Cha-young steps in front of Seo Mi-ri to protect her, Vincenzo appears, revealing that he chose to stay instead of flying to Italy.

What to expect from Episodes 19 and 20?

The first thing we expect to see when Vincenzo returns is how Song Joong-ki's character will deal with Director Kim and his goons. However, Vincenzo's fight with Babel Corporation is not over. Though Jang Han-seok and Choi Myung-hee have been cornered, they will be expected to fight back viciously.

Moreover, Jang Han-seo's life could be in danger. While he started out as a villain, he has slowly grown in viewers' hearts. His allegiance to Vincenzo proved to be strong in the previous episode. And now that Jang Han-seok knows that his half-brother worked against him, Jang Han-seo may meet a frightful end in the final run of the series.

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We will also find out what happened to the gold inside the Geumga Plaza safe and whether the building's residents would be able to continue living in it.

More importantly, viewers would still be anticipating the long-awaited confession of love between Vincenzo and Hong Cha-young.

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