Watch: Bodycam footage shows Indiana officer Andrew Snyder rescue an infant from a burning home

(From left) Officer Madison Douglass, Sergeant Andrew Snyder, and Officer Freddy Martinez rescued a family of six from a burning house in Frankfort, (Images via Frankfort Police Department/Facebook)
(From left) Officer Madison Douglass, Sergeant Andrew Snyder, and Officer Freddy Martinez rescued a family of six from a burning house in Frankfort, (Images via Frankfort Police Department/Facebook)

A horrific house fire broke out on Monday, April 3, at a residence in Indiana. The family trapped inside had six members, including a small baby. Fortunately, they were safely rescued from the house that was on fire. According to authorities, they received a distress call reporting the fire at around 2 am on Monday.

Upon reaching the scene, Indiana officer Sergeant Andrew Snyder immediately used a ladder to rescue the baby. Other family members who were trapped inside also came out of the house using a ladder. Police have now released bodycam footage that captured Sergeant Snyder grabbing a ladder to climb up the window of the house to rescue the baby.

The baby was the first to be rescued from the house, followed by the rest of the family.


How Indiana officer Andrew Snyder rescued a baby from a burning house

Officers in Frankfort received an emergency call shortly after 2 am on Monday, April 3, 2023, about a house that was on fire. The Clinton County Central Dispatch received a call and was told that a house was “filled with heavy smoke” in the 800 block of Hawthorne Avenue.

According to the release by the Frankfort Police Department:

“The caller reported that they were on the second floor and could not exit. The caller further reported that a baby was present and was having trouble breathing. Dispatchers provided life safety measures as the police and fire were dispatched.”

The release further stated that officials including Frankfort Police Department officers, Indiana officer Sergeant Andrew Snyder, Officer Madison Douglass, and Officer Freddy Martinez reached the venue within minutes of the distress call.

Snyder rushed to grab a ladder and climb through the window of the house to rescue the baby first. He reportedly asked the family members trapped inside:

“Can I have your kid? Can I have your baby? Give me the car seat, she’s good.”

The distraught family said:

“Please don’t drop her.”

The courageous Indiana officer reassured them and got the baby. He grabbed that car seat while it was placed on the window pane. He was then heard saying,

“Baby coming down.”

Authorities have also released bodycam footage capturing the rescue. Later, officer Snyder was also heard helping the family come out of the burning house using a ladder.

Officer Madison Douglass’ bodycam footage also captured the rescue mission. The officer was heard saying:

“Get out! Just get out! There’s a fire, go!”

In a release published by the Frankfort Police Department, Chief Scott Shoemaker said:

“I am very proud of these officers for their quick and heroic actions. They will be honored by the police department at a later date.”

Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire that broke out in the Indiana residence

The family’s relatives have expressed their gratitude to the authorities for rescuing the entire family. A relative named Samantha Stevens took to Facebook and said:

“My sister's apartment caught on fire last night. Thank you, God everyone was saved. Thank you, Frankfort Police Department, for being there first. Thank you, Officer Douglass and the other officers. Thank you for being there for my sister, Braxon, and the family upstairs…”

Stevens also wrote,

“They have a new baby that was handed down a ladder. Officer Douglass and her partner got the people and their new baby out… Plus, my sister and nephew. I hope they get recognition for their bravery. To get everyone out. We have a wonderful town of beyond-great police officers. Plus, thank you Frankfort fire department.”

Stevens further thanked the officers for safely bringing the baby out without the baby getting hurt. The Frankfort Fire Department is currently investigating the exact cause of the fire at the Indiana residence.

Indiana officer Sergeant Snyder, Officer Freddy Martinez, and Officer Madison Douglass were nominated for a Medal of Valor by Captain Evan Hall. Hall stated:

“I chose to recommend the Medal of Valor to all three officers. They all showed an extraordinary act of bravery by removing a total of six (6) occupants out to safety under extreme stress and life-threatening conditions.”

The Medal of Valor is awarded to officers who exhibit expectational courage to protect others from harm, even if it compromises their own safety.

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