Watch: Comedian Ariel Elias chugs beer thrown at her following Trump supporters’ diss

Comedian gets beer can thrown by hecklers after interaction with Trump supporters (Image via ariel_comedy/Instagram)
Comedian gets beer can thrown by hecklers after interaction with Trump supporters (Image via ariel_comedy/Instagram)

Comedian Ariel Elias went viral on social media after responding to a heckler who threw a beer can at her during the show.

The performer was met with the unexpected shot after getting into an argument with a woman in the crowd who repeatedly asked Elias whether she was a Trump supporter. It remains unclear whether the person who threw the alcoholic beverage at the comedian was a MAGA follower.

Ariel Elias' comedy club altercation explained

On Saturday, October 8, 2022, Ariel Elias performed at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. The comedian left the floor open for a question-and-answer segment during the set. One woman, who was reportedly inebriated, asked Elias whether she was a trump supporter.

After being met with a tense and awkward moment between the audience and the comedian, the woman went on to say:

"I could just tell by your jokes you voted for Biden."

In response, Ariel Elias said:

"I can tell by the fact that you’re still talking when nobody want you to that you voted for Trump."

Although the comedian attempted to carry on with her set, she was shockingly slammed with a beer can which struck near her head. The can went on to hit the wall before spraying all over the floor. Meanwhile, a man in the audience was heard saying:

"Yo, I am never coming out with this crowd ever again."

As the audience expressed shock, Elias was quick to pick up the open can and chug the remnant beverage. This went on to elicit cheers from the crowd.

Netizens can watch the entire debacle in the tweet below:

Comedy club owner presses charges against aggressors who threw canned beverage at Ariel Elias

Sources claim that Dino Ibelli, the comedy club owner, got in touch with the police to press charges against the person who threw the can at Ariel. It was reported that the heckling woman’s male partner was the person behind the aggressive act.

The Point Pleasant Beach Police Department confirmed that they were investigating the matter and collecting evidence, including security footage.

Fwiw the club is pressing charges against the guy and booked me to come back in April.

Speaking about her reaction, Ariel Elias expressed that she had to drink the chugged beer to “recover” from the unexpected blow. She said in an interview:

“At first I was in shock. Did that really just happen? And then I saw the beer can and I was like, I mean, I have to drink this. Like, there’s nothing else I can do with this. This is the only way to recover. I have to drunk it. So I drank it!”


In an interview with the Rolling Stone, the Kentucky-native revealed that she would not be returning to the town unless she was getting paid for her performance. She also added that she preferred not to talk about politics and stick to her script of “being a woman and body change.” When asked what she would say to the aggressor, Elias told Rolling Stone:

“My message to last night’s hecklers is that therapy is great, I highly recommend it. Or just write down your feelings. I promise you’ll feel like throwing things less.”

Following the show, Ariel Elias is booked to return to the same stage in April 2023.

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