WATCH: KSI goes live on Instagram, only to realize that he has no pants on 

Image Credits: Reddit
Image Credits: Reddit

Popular British content creator Jeje Olatunji, aka KSI, is trending online, after he appeared on an Instagram live session - minus his pants!

The 27-year old YouTuber/Rapper is a member of popular YouTube group Sidemen, and is also known for the historic boxing match with fellow YouTuber Logan Paul, where he emerged victorious, in a bout that was watched by millions across the globe.

He is one of the most influential social media personalities today, and has millions of followers across various social media platforms.

Recently, KSI ended up stealing the show during an Instagram Live, where he appeared to be his usual jovial self, until he suddenly realised that he was not wearing any pants, which led to him cursing his luck on Twitter:

In a clip which has now gone viral, on realising his slip up, KSI quickly scrambles to find a pair of pants as viewers are left in splits at his antics.

KSI's recent goof up has now invited several reactions from the online community, as fans did not hesitate to poke fun at his recent 'expose'.

KSI almost exposes himself during an Instagram Live


At the beginning of the clip, KSI appears to be laughing along at something, until he suddenly realises that the joke is on him, considering he forgot to wear his pants, which causes him to hilariously exclaim:

"Oh shit, Oh shit, you can see my.....Oh damn, bro I didn't put my trousers , oh mate, hold on..."

As KSI frantically searches for his trousers, his Instagram is spammed by fans, who troll him in the comments.

He soon returns, this time with a pair of Nike trousers in tow, as he laughs at his unfortunate predicament.

Check out some of the reactions online, as fans reacted to KSI's recent slip-up:

With his recent goof-up, KSI continues to be the King of memes, courtesy of this expose during an Instagram live session.

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