WATCH: Video shows gunman stalking Philadelphia teen Teryn Johnson before shooting her to death

A gunman stalking a Philadelphia teen Teryn Johnson before shooting her to death (Image via Twitter/wikisoon/wikilive)
A gunman stalking a Philadelphia teen Teryn Johnson before shooting her to death (Image via Twitter/wikisoon/wikilive)

Authorities in Philadelphia have released a surveillance video showing the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old girl, Teryn Johnson, who was killed over the weekend while walking a dog with another individual.

Reportedly, the teenager was shot by an unknown man in the chest at around 9 pm. She was allegedly out with a friend on the 5300 block of Harrock Street.


An in-depth look into the deadly shooting of Teryn Johnson on a Philadelphia street

Reports suggested that Teryn Johnson and another girl stopped in a convenience store while out walking a small dog just before 9 pm. Shortly after, when they turned onto Horrocks Street after Bridge street, the girls suspected a gray Dodge Challenger was pursuing them.

Capt. Jason Smith said:

"They spotted a vehicle that was suspicious to them. They felt that they were being followed by this vehicle and in fact, they were."

As per responding officers' claims, an unknown man gets out of the car in a hooded sweatshirt, runs across the street and hides behind a white vehicle as Teryn walks by. Later, he got to the end of the block where the two of them made eye contact with him and in a matter of seconds, the offender fired six gunshots at them.

Smith said:

"It certainly appears that our decedent was specifically targeted."

Reportedly, Teryn Johnson was struck in the chest twice and was rushed to Temple University Hospital by responding officers from the Philadelphia Police Department, where she succumbed to her injuries and collapsed.

Additional inquiries have been made by the father of the 17-year-old girl who was shot and killed while walking a dog with a friend. Paul Johnson wants to know who could have done it and why. As Teryn Johnson's killer is still on the loose, he is seeking justice for his deceased daughter.

He said:

"It's my daughter, somebody took her from me. I want to know why, I want to know who."

Police authorities have revealed that the other girl has not sustained any injuries, however, the dog hasn't been found yet.

A Police Inspector, Pace said:

"It does not appear that they knew each other, it's unclear what the motive was of the shooter. We don't know if either one of those two females was being targeted."

Detectives are urging anyone with video or information about what transpired to call them as they continue to investigate neighborhood surveillance photos.

According to information from the city controller's office, at least 158 children have been shot in Philadelphia as of this Friday, accounting for nearly 9% of all gunshot victims to this date in 2022.

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Edited by Adelle Fernandes