Weather People teasers: Song Kang and Park Min-Young hide their relationship from others

'Weather People' poster starring Song Kang and Park Min-Young (Image via @forskg/Twitter)
'Weather People' poster starring Song Kang and Park Min-Young (Image via @forskg/Twitter)

On January 11, 2022, Weather People released two new teasers showcasing Song Kang and Park Min-Young’s palpable chemistry. The upcoming office romance drama has been the talk of the town, as it offers a refreshing new lead couple.

Out of the two teasers, one shows the professional relationship between the two leads while the other shows their personal relations seeping into work. The clips also offer a glimpse into the fun and romantic atmosphere viewers can expect from the upcoming drama.

Latest ‘Weather People’ teasers introduce an innocent Song Kang and a jealous Park Min-Young

lmfaoooo i didn't notice the other girls before so i thought she was just being bossy but girlie was actually being petty jealous 😭😭😭 #ForecastingLoveandWeather #WeatherPeople

Upcoming romcom K-drama Weather People gave fans a closer look into the work and personal lives of the Korea Meteorological Administration (MA) employees. The drama stars highly-anticipated new couple Song Kang (Sweet Home, Nevertheless) and Park Min-Young (What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, Her Private Life.)

Broadcasting network JTBC released two teasers. The first one introduces Kwon Hae Hyo, who plays weather forecast director Go Bong Chan, and Lee Sung Wook, as senior forecaster Um Dong Han, locking horns whilst talking about the weather probability.

The clip starts with the text, “1 percent weather probability can change, and so can people’s feelings.” This is foreshadowing Lee Si Woo (Song Kang) falling for Jin Ha Kyung (Park Min-Young), when the former tries to find a way out of the situation.

Check out the teaser below:


The second teaser shows the next steps of Si Woo and Ha Kyung’s relationship. As Si Woo confesses he’s falling for Ha Kyung, the next scene shows them hugging secretly in the office, with the former assuring the latter that they won’t get caught.

The cold and intelligent Ha Kyung loses her calm when she sees Si Woo interacting with other colleagues. The clip also shows some fun moments such as Ha Kyung hiding behind chairs in a restaurant to avoid getting caught by others.

Check out the second teaser below:


Initially, when the first-look teasers for Weather People were released, it received polar opposite reactions. Some were excited to see the romance of the fresh couple, while others disliked it for a majority of reasons.

The age gap between Park Min-Young and Song Kang, and the former being typecast into another office romance drama were some reasons.

However, the latest teasers offered a better view into the leads and have received a majority of favorable reviews. JTBC is yet to announce the exact premiere date of Weather People but it will be released sometime in February 2022.

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