What did Alex Hall and Polly say? Fans slam the Selling the OC co-stars for speaking ill about Kayla in Episode 4

Selling the OC stars Polly and Alex discuss Kayla
Selling the OC stars Polly and Alex discuss Kayla's issues (Imagevia Instagram/pollybrindle,alexhall_o.c)

Netflix released eight binge-worthy episodes of Selling the OC on August 24, 2022, at 3 AM ET. Since then, the show has been gathering significant viewership. With that, the audience's opinions about the cast members are also apparent on social media.

The hit series is an addition to the already established Selling Sunset franchise and documents the personal and professional relationships of real estate agents of the Oppenheim Group.

Fans have criticized two cast members, Alex Hall and Polly Brindle, after the duo spoke ill about fellow cast member Kayla Cardona's struggles. While Kayla deemed the duo trustworthy in sharing her personal struggles, both ladies gathered to speak badly about Kayla.

Fans were disappointed with Alex and Polly's behavior and took to social media to express their feelings.

Check out the interactions between the three ladies below.

Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers from the show.

Selling the OC stars Alex and Polly discuss Kayla's issues

In Episode 4 of Selling the OC, Polly met Kayla for brunch, and the two discussed their recent listings and future in real estate. Kayla was nervous about landing her first listing and confessed that her nervousness and skepticism came from a previous work experience where she was an assistant to a top agent. As the star left the job to join the Oppenheim Group in Orange County, her boss demeaned her skillset.

While sharing the experience, Kayla revealed that she was scared she would fail miserably within the first year. She further stated that she wasn't getting enough breaks and didn't have anyone apart from her son. While consoling Kayla, Polly echoed the sentiment as she lived alone.

In a confessional, Kayla revealed that her and Polly's situations were different. While Polly explained that she was trying to be a supportive friend to Kayla, she should "get out of her head" as she landed a $4.5 million listing.


Later in the episode, when Kayla took Alex Hall to her listing, she explained that her first listing was special as she wanted to display her skills to Jason Oppenheim. The Selling the OC star revealed that she worked as a bartender during weekends and even did night shifts, which shocked Alex.

While explaining to Alex her dissatisfaction with Polly and their interaction yesterday, Kayla broke down, confessing her feeling of self-doubt and constantly feeling that she wasn't "able to do enough."

Back at the office, Selling the OC stars Alex and Polly discussed their respective interactions with Kayla. Referencing Kayla, Polly said:

"She spent the whole afternoon complaining that she got a $4.5 million listing and that she's alone and goes home to her son to the only agent in the office who hasn't yet procured her own listing."

Alex confessed that with Kayla speaking negatively all the time, "the energy changes." Polly revealed that she couldn't bear hearing Kayla's "sob stories" all the time.

Fans react to Polly and Alex's attitude towards Kayla's issues

Fans were disappointed with Polly and Alex's conversation and that they were downplaying what Kayla was going through. Ardent fans made their opinions about the duo prevalent on social media.

Honestly if Polly and Alex were really that concerned, the right thing to do would have been to talk to Kayla about her behaviour separately and tell her to apologize to Tyler privately but no…they decided to have an office chat. #SellingTheOC
Polly and Alex H need therapy…Kayla needs to grow a back bone and stand up for herself #SellingTheOC
NOW THAT SAID Alex speaking about Kayla to Polly IS FOUL… FOUL.Kayla girl tighten up ya shit that’s all I can say #sellingtheoc…
Alex Hall is a backstabbing b**** going behind Kayla’s back and bitching to Polly #SellingTheOC
Alex hall nd Polly r very unserious #SellingTheOC
I loved Alex until she talked about Kayla with Polly - I mean I get it, no one wants a cry baby but girl #SellingTheOC
alex hall and polly suck. they like to say everything is about kayla but alex has main character syndrome and polly is a fair weather friend #SellingTheOC
This season proved to me how I shouldn’t trust my instincts cuz I thought Alex hall was giving Mary’s vibe and I couldn’t be more wrong seriously what an adult baby I’ve never seen a more pitiful backstabbing bixch and don’t even get me started on polly #SellingTheOC
… how in the shit did Polly go from omg who did you hear that from omg you’re this and that and this and that and then I’m sorry I said I hated you. Her and Alex Hall are strange people #SellingTheOC
Alex and Polly are the actual bullies #SellingTheOC
Alex H and Polly are trying HARD to make Kayla the villain #SellingTheOC

Other cast members of Selling the OC include Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Lauren Brito, Sean Palmieri, and Tyler Stanaland. Throughout the season, many secrets are slated to be revealed, friendships questioned alongside some great listings and business deals.

All episodes of Selling the OC are available to binge on Netflix.

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